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(Bad) damage to top of ski from baggage goons at Heathrow - help please

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Hi all,

One of my skis has been taken what much have been a big knock in transit. And I was hoping the combined knowledge of Epicski might be able to help.

The damage is on the top side of the ski, along the side. I don't think it should matter structurally, but I am concerned because it is deep enough that the inside of the ski is exposed.

I think I at least need to tidy up and maybe water/weatherproof this.

Has anyone any tips of a good way to do this?

PS - these are Salomon 3V LAB Skis and this was their first outing on the snow
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Get a Gel-Coat repair kit from a marine supply store. Works great and you can even match the color.
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Definitely make it water-proof.
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I did a repair to a friend's Phat Luvs that got the corner edge of topsheet peeled up. The cut went down to the clear fiberglass wrap that showed the wood core. This all happened in a long sliding fall.

I picked up some clear epoxy that comes in a double plunger tube. The peeled away material was still attached at one end. I cleaned out chunks that prevented the topsheet curl from laying back down. Then I released some epoxy onto some cardboard... I wanted to mix the two components. Globbed liberal amounts of mixed epoxy inside the topsheet curl. Wiped away what looked like would be excess. Covered with wax paper and taped it all down tight for the night.

Sealed it up pretty good. This was right behind the binding, so you would have to look for it, to see it.
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Thanks all - as usual Epic has the answers

Will have a play and see how it ends up. Lucky for me my technique is poor enough to distract from any cosmetic blips...

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In the future, avoid Heathrow at all costs....CDG too.
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Right now Heathrow seems to be having some problems.


Depending on the ultimate destination, Amsterdam, Geneva, Zurich or Frankfurt might be better choices.
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I'd go with the epoxy solution too - I had that problem years ago with a pair of 3Vs, just got some araldite from homebase and used that to fill in.

Lostboy, yes, avoid Heathrow Terminal 5 - so don't fly with BA, and you'll be OK.
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Did you submit a claim for this? Airlines have insurance for baggage handling problems.
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I just flew on United and since my skis were in a soft padded bag, they had me sign the claim ticket accepting responsibility for them. Didn't have to sign on way home from Denver though.
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No damage to the bag?
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If you want to make the epoxy repair look nice, use masking tape to build a dam along the sidewall. Pour in enough epoxy to level it with the topskin. Use a heat gun or hairdryer to warm the epoxy to ensure it goes into all the cracks. When dry, sand the epoxy flush with the sidewall and top surface. Round off the corner edge and paint the sidewall and top surface to match and most will not even notice your repair.
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One of my skis took a hit to the core years ago that penetrated the fg wrap (in just a tiny spot!), caused the ski to locally lose camber and actually develop a reverse camber in part of the ski. Better be very certain it is only cosmetic damage before treating it as such.
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I have flown about ten times now with this bag, http://bagdepot.com/snow_ski/snow_ski_home.htm
They are well made,feels like canvas material, and have a good pad built in but I also wrap some bubble wrap on the both ends of skis and around the bindings, stuff extra clothes to help fill in the voids. Not showing any wear yet.
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A very very belated thanks to all those who helped out with advice above.

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Make a claim with the airline, if you didn't sign a relase form when checking in their are liable. You will need to send the photo's of the damage, as well as, you ticket, baggage tags and a copy of the original receipt. If you no longer have the receipt for the skis get a written estimate to replace them from you local shop. It could take as long as four months untill you get a cheque but if you hound them it will help move you claim along faster. Good luck.
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Heathrow sucks!!! The one and only time I've ever had a suitcase go missing was on a simple direct flight earlier this month from Heathrow to Amsterdam on British Midlands.... Grrrrrrrr
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The only baggage I have ever had go missing was through Terminal 5 (first day open) both pairs of skis/holdall and boots were missing for nearly a month
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