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LAZY Review: Salomon Rocker

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6'4" 200lbs 18 yo. strong skier. modern technique. much more a "finesse skier" than a "power skier". Thinks Rocker is the future, thinks reverse sidecut skis are novelty items. Previous Fat ski experiences: Likes: Squads, XXLs, 192 Bros, Ants, Scratch BCs, Guns Dislike: Big Daddy, Pow+, Blowers, Supermojos, praxis, Enforcers, 188 Bros, Mojo 90s, Seth, Titan Argos

Eye Candy:


Bottom Line: Stop sucking and buy these skis. THEY KILL IT.

Groomers: Fail. Park and riding is fine. Carving requires heel weighting.

Light epic bottomless pow: Too big, seeks surface and gets weird. Use a skinnier ski, get face shots.

Heavier pow, sluffed snow, wind affect, sun affect, crust, mank, and everything else soft and virgin: Amazing turn effortlessly feels like cheating. WILL NOT STUFF A TIP! EVER

Flex: Soft to stiff. Rocker makes it hand flex softer

Trees: Very nice, turns fast. Faster you go the quicker the ski turns

Hucking: Stomp-a-*******-licious. Turn the second you land

Crud: Good, better than expected, not the best. Not what the ski is for.

Weight: A crapload, 'specially with dukes. Ugh.

Skinning: Breaking trail = regular skinning, almost. Tip stays up

Bumps: Suckage.

Construction: Butt plug = Why? who knows. Cap is disappointing. Otherwise only time will tell

Sonny Bono Factor: High, Watching the huge missile shaped tips flap around is so much freaking fun you may die.

Notes: Give them time, I needed like 2.5-3 days to figure them out.
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My Rockers arrived from Evo a couple of days ago. The predominately white ski has a blue plastic "butt plug" as Phill would say, and the blue/black ski has a black plastic piece. Not that it matters much, I'm just curious about the color difference. The black looks better but all the pictures I can find on the 'net show both skis having the blue tail insert. I need to mount them and ride 'em, but not exactly ideal conditions for them in Tahoe right now.

Yeah, I followed you over also...
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FYI mine has one black one blue as well
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Great! I thought mine were special...
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Superb review! Concise and it told me exactly what I wanted to know and covered everything. Hope you review more skis and all of the reviews are "lazy."
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Good review.

I skied this weekend with some guys who'd recently returned from a CMH heli-trip in the Bugaboos, and they said that CMH was switching-out their Big Daddy's for Rockers and HellBent's next year.

The guys I spoke to said they regularly encounter wind-blown, fluted surfaces and nasty mank on these excusions (all for just $8,500 per week).

They knew the Daddy's could handle that stuff, but were less sure about rockered skies.

Based upon your review, it sounds like both new skis could work well. CMH's aim, of course, is to get as many people in the chopper as possible, regardless of skill level.

PS: Decent turn. You sure you never raced?
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Didn't like the Rocker as much as the 2009 Czar.
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like cheating

I was skiing on a pair of k2 Made in AK's in the chugach when i switched for 1 run on a pair of Rockers. Absolutely amazing they were totally auto drive! The 1 run chanced to the rest of the week and man was I happy. Conditions were pow with occasional crust but very little. I have never been on a better big mountain powder ski.
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