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Combining Skiing and Snowmobiling

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I figured I would start a new thread rather than hijack eyedoc's tread. His was a question from him to the rest of the group.

In my early days of skiing, my parents did not ski and were not much interested in taking us kids to a resort where money would be spent. That left walking/hiking for turns (something totally alien to the average kid) or the snowmobile. We had a 1959 Johnson snowmobile with an all steel track driven by a 12hp Kohler 4 stroke engine. Top speed was 12mph and you better not get it too far into the soft stuff. Once stuck,the damn thing was near impossible for kids to extricate from the snow. It was a whole lot better than walkin though.

We could use the snowmobile to tow a bunch of us up to the top of the hill where some of us would ski while others slid down on every concivable piece of junk that would slide. No grooming, forget the lodge it was ski what is there. There was never a shortage of kids wanting to just drive the snowmobile. Gas in cans was hard for adults to keep around us kids. Whoever's parents had a bit of gas in a can unwittingly contributed to the lift service.

At times we would use the poly rope from a ski boat to just tow around the fields. I got plenty of quality powder time behind that snowmobile. A real thrill was to go way out there on the rope with a tight turn from the snowmobile. You could really get er crankin on the end of that rope. Never mind that my Head Standards where much taller than I was and turned as about as well as a 71 U-haul. That was a problem since most of the fields were orchards. Occasionaly you would end up on the wrong side of a tree while hanging onto the rope. I never seemed to let go of the rope in time, just kinda snuck up on me.

As with all kids the thrills had to be increased a bit. Things like a whipping tight turn that went across a creek or open water, Whahooo. Another was whipping through summac bushes. Summacs just seem to explode when they are cold in the winter and skiing through them gave one a sense of great power. Never mind the occasional maple whip in the middle of the summacs. After a few of them maple whips, I wasn't sure I would be able to father children.

JUMPS, every kid likes jumps and the snowmobile was certainly handy for that. We set up every kind of concievable jump to tackle on skis. Towing through the steets in town was another good one. It's a wonder us kids ever managed to reach adulthood. We were hell bent on culling the gene pool.

Enough of the walk through childhood stupidity. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Interesting tale Pierre. We spend hours in the field next to our house, when we're not at the Resort, towing the boys around on skis and boards. Of course it would be no fun at all if they don't have some jumps to get big air off, so they spend alot of time making jumps and landings. I have tried it myself, almost like waterskiing, same whip action out of the turns. A real blast!

I enjoy snowmobiling very much. In fact, I brought home a new FireCat F7 today. Got a few laps around the field already. We have two snowmobiles. Of course, just like skiing, I imagine it would be more fun out West.

Another note, H.V. opens tomorrow. If I can take time away from Deer Hunting, I will make some turns for the first time this year. Yippee Io CowPattie!!!
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