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Intuition reheating

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I understand I can reheat my Intuition liners. Will they get Stiffer - Softer - or No change. Mine are a little rough on my shins so I'd like to do something to soften them up a little across the front of my shins.
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I dont believe they change stiffness on reheating. I've remolded mine several times & having notice any change that way. However, I did noticed that they shrink in length. I ended up with the liner being too short despite buying them 1 size larger to start with.

The overlap can sometimes put pressure on the shins if they are not positioned properly during the molding process. When molding make sure to pay attention to the overlap & make sure that its positioned so that the seam is well away from your shin bone. Also you may want to move the cuff buckles positioning to give you a little more room in the cuff. The intuitions for me had quite a bit more volume in the cuff than the stock liner. I had to move the upper buckles 1 hole over to get more room. Not sure if this will help with your shin pressure problem, but it could give you a bit more adjustable range to play with to find the most comfortable spot.

Also for what it's worth, I would recommend using some neoprene topcaps vs cut up socks. The sock topcaps are too soft/compressable and can result in a cramped fit in the toe area, esp if the liner is a tight fit to start with. When I had my liners remolded last time by Intuition in Vancouver, they have started using double neoprene toe caps instead of just single. It made quite a difference in the fit for me. I was getting major toe-bang before, but no more
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also if it is just the shin that is bugging you just reheat that part with a heat gun and just remold that.
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Originally Posted by mntlion View Post
also if it is just the shin that is bugging you just reheat that part with a heat gun and just remold that.

I was also wondering if 'rough' also means 'not in constant contact with' in which case leaving the cuff buckles loose during the moulding impression might help quite a bit.
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My Intuition Powerwraps were really hurting my shins and ankles the first time I skiied them.
Before I tried them, Rob from intuition said not to buckle my boots as tight as I normally did with my old liners. My bootfitter said the same thing. It went in one ear and out the other first time. Second time I adjusted the buckles and they were amazing. I was surprised that I was so comfortable on my skis because I buckled these looser than I imagined I ever would. The boots were so comfortable that I didn't take them off or loosen them all day. In fact, as I was getting back to my truck I received a phone call and I stood there talking on the phone before taking the boots off. I'm kind of old school and always liked stiff boots tightly buckled, but now I found comfort and performance.

I can't say enough about intuition liners. They rock!
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