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An update,

Raced LOTOJA, finished 13th in my category at 10:54:06. Was secretly hoping for 10th or better and a time of 10:30, but crashed at mile 97. A big bruise and some road rash, but kept on riding.


Anyway, I'm still in a compression stocking and will be until Thanksgiving.

Will be GTG for the ski season.

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Congratulation HarkinBanks, that is some impressive recovery from your injury. Sorry about the crash. That bruise looks a bit scary.

I just did an 8 hour solo race today (mountain biking, rigid singlespeed). Almost died out there and we had 2 hours of pouring rain to make things even more interesting. Managed to snag 4th place in the over 40 category. Missed 3rd by 1.5 minutes. Overall I came 9th out of 70 solo riders.
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Oops I made a mistake in my post. I came 17th out of all 70 solo riders.
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HB that is an impressive bruise. I get bruises in that general region frequently from riding, and skiing trees, but nothing even close to that impressive.
Wow! :
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Always worth looking at a Trekchick cheek ..from the cycling forum I believe?:

HB, if that's progress, don't show me a setback.
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