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Mind the Addiction

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After all of Owens teases, I just had to check out the TGR premiere.


Just when I thought there was nothing new left to see in the "big AK mountain lines being slain" venue, along comes Jeremy Jones and his cohort, Olafsson (?) to kick it up a couple of notches. These sick pups were dropping onto a sustained 65-70 degree (yes, s_e_v_e_n_t_y degree) face in what looked more like a semi-controlled freefall, than skiing or riding. The audience actually stopped hooting for a moment and just shut-up. Holy guacamoly!! I was so tensed up that I couldn't breathe until they opened out onto the more tame 55 degree ramps below - did I say _tame_ 55 degree ramps??

And talk about -sense-sational; now they've got sound-overs coinciding with the point-of-view shots. Now you're not only getting the view through the eyes of the lunatic, but you're hearing the wind roar around their bodies; and hearing the apartment-house-sized sluffs trying to pass right over their existence; and - perhaps coolest of all - you're hearing their breathing clearly speed up as they approach the crux of the line, and then completely stop as they thread between the freight-train sluffs and the spine/cliff mayhem. I swear you can actually hear the adrenaline coursing through their veins... I know I heard it coursing through mine ...and when they finally breath in a gasp of relief, the whole audience gasps along with them.

Bring an extra pair of underwear!
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I am going tonight & I am even more amped now after your description.
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this phenomenon is unreal to me. You guys go see ski movies in theaters?
Theaters that play other, box-office movies? weird. heh, really weird.

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Wow - thanks for the compliment. Here are some stills from the segment you are talking about...
Dropping in...

Going for the ride...

By the way -- All of the stories and stills from last year are in the Archives of the "Track TGR" section of our website. It's kind of cool to know the road stories and whatnot before you see the film. We've had a lot of people telling us that it really enhanced their viewing experience to know that stuff before they saw the film.

Owens Never Sleeps http://www.tetongravity.com

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Hey cheap seats, just out of curiosity - what did you think of the trailer for Val Halla?
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MTA hits Tahoe next Friday, I can't wait.
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I had to go to your site to refresh my memory - guess I was just in a ski-ski-ski train of thought.

Valhalla - actually scares me a bit to see where steep-creeking has gone in the past few years. I'll never forget the cover on Outside Magazine a few years back of a kayaker (woman!) sail'n off a 80' cliff. :

I think this was one of my all time favorite action shots. But today everyone seems to be doing it. All I can think of is, "good way to break yur freakn back!" They are trying to go "extreme" like skiers have been doing for the past few decades, but I just don't see it as much 'calculated risk', as just pure 'dumb luck'.

...That flip in the rodeo boat was pretty cool tho
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Okay.. so how do I find out if this movie is playing anywhere close to me (Boston)?

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Mack- We will have a show in Boston but it is still in the works -- We already have shows set in Hancock and in Williamstown. You can check out our whole tour at http://www.tetongravity.com/mtatour.html
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*sigh* Why do they always leave out the southeast on these movie tours? :
It's not just TGR but just about everybody. There's a ton of skiers down here that would love the opportunity to go see a feature like this, even if it was just for a weekend per major location. Guess I'll have to wait till it's out on dvd to see more than clips and stills
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I haven't seen a ski movie or skiing on TV in years. Its completely unavailable in Ohio.
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My answer to both of you is that maybe you should consider hosting a show in your home town. We are constantly lookingto expand our reach with as many showings as possible. We are looking for showing partners all over the world. If there are more people like you in your area, the chances are good that you can make some decent money from hosting a show. our split is reasonable and we provide yoyu with good resources to help make your show a success.
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I just saw the Tahoe showing of MTA -- without question (in my mind) the best TGR film (or any ski film in the "action" category) that I have seen, by an order of magnatude. The boys took took it to the next level in all regards of skiing and filmmaking:

SKIING: More turns and technical skiing (as opposed to straightlines and hucks), while the hucks/straightlines that were in there were as big or bigger than ever.

FILM MAKING: By far the best editing and voice-overs they've ever done. The first major ski/rock-star film with any sense of character development -- you get to know these guys (more clips of life behind the scenes). Possibly the best soundtrack too.

I am now going crazy sitting in the snowless mountains!
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Owen, Send me a vid of it and I can get about 20 people in my living room if I rearrange the furniture, I'll just have to have several shows a day/night to accomodate everyone
Seriously tho, I would like more information on this. I have good friends that run a chain of shops and maybe they would be intersted in doing something like this. Also, have several friends that are reps so maybe tie that in as well. Just some thoughts.
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Touch base with filmtour@tetongravity.com

Chad or Jessi can set you up with the info packet on everything you need to know.
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Do you guys ever bring showings to the UK? I went to a couple of Warren Miller previews back in the day but haven't heard of any ski films showing at cinemas here for a while.

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