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Volkl Vs Blizzards in 09

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It seems the Blizzards have gotten good reviews and I am a bit suprised by some posters preferring them over the Volkls.

That being said this board has been good to me this season in building my quiver. I got some time in Monday on the Watea 84 recommended on this board and I absolutely love them. I also love my Gotamas and I am partial to Volkl for the last 10 years.

I do want to have an open mind and ski the best stuff out there for my attributes.

Please fire away if you have an opinion on the Blizzards for next season vs the Volkl lineup.

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I tried some Blizzard 8.1 Magnums - I've always been a Volkl fan but I did not wnat to give the 8.1s back to the demo guy. I already bought some goats this year, but next season, if the price is not too outrageous them blizzards are mine. Although I am extremely loyal to my local mom and pop ski store and just hate to buy stuff anywhere else...
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I used to be a die-hard volkl guy. I still love my '03 Goats. I'm also intrigued by some of the Blizzard line-up more than anything offered by Volkl in '09.

However, I'm even more intrigued by the boutique shapes out there that are encorporating bamboo and/or carbon fiber. Kingswood, Liberty, Praxis, DPS are all calling me much more than anything else.

Neither a Volkl or a Blizzard will be my next ski.

My next piste-carving ski will be a Head Liquid Metal.
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I was all set to pull the trigger on a pair of Watea 84's and ended up buying a pair of Bliz Titan Cronus on a whim. Been on them twice. Remarkable ride. Is now my go-to ski, even for the hardpacked we normally encounter in Maine. Rock solid, quick footed and tenacious on ice. Utterly unfatiguing as well. Others in quiver - Volkl Supersport 6, Elan M666 and Ripsticks. The Bliz are the most fun.
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I wouldn't chase brand loyalty. Lots of good skis out there, and the specific ski that you are looking at matters MUCH more than the brand. With that said, Blizzard is making some great skis, but so do 1/2 dozen other companies out there. Figure out what type of ski you need, then demo different brands. If somebody pressed me to name my favorite 10 skis on the market, I bet 5 different brands would be represented.
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I eschew brand loyalty and choose skis based on truer merits. I look at much more important aspects such as graphics or popular magazine reviews.
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Top Skis

Dawg, what are your top ten? Maybe top 3 per category??:
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Ran into a guy today at Mt. Hood Meadows (foot of clunky new powder by the way) and he was skiing on 2009 Volkl "Karus". I think that is what he said. Not sure why I am mentioning this. They kinda looked like Eric Pollard shapes.
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Sounds like he was on the "Kuro".
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Your'e probably right. Powder was so thick you couldn't hear through it too well. :]
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Kuro 空路, pronounced Ku-u-ro is Japanese for Flight.
Kuro 黒, pronounced ku-ro is Japanese for Black.
Kuro 苦労, pronounced ku-ro-o is Japanese for Hardship or Suffering.

Choose one. I'm guessing Volkl aimed for 空路. It's just too bad the majority of people who buy it can't pronounce it.

Everybody together now... koooo-roe.
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