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women's combined (results - beware!!)

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Nice one, Kostelic! And a really great result for Croatia!

Not as exciting as the men's event - well, that was always going to be an impossible act to follow! - but a good tussle for top spot with some fine skiing.

And again, a solid placing by the UK's representative, Chemmy Alcott, who came in 14th.

Well worth staying up for!

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I had planned to stay up for it, TOO, but guess i don't need to now. is NO one reading these posts saying the results you post in the body of the text/post are VISIBLE on the main page?
come ON!
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LOL!!! You tried to warn ppl but then it shows up on the main page!!!

It's like telling someone to turn around when you're stepping out of the tub only to have a strategically placed mirror reveal you in all your glory.
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Yeah, it was a good race.

Do we spoil it for them and tell them the yank finished ***, or leave it for them to find out in the edited highlights?


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OK, I've edited my post. Is that better???

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A little late for me personally, but oh well. Just couldn't figure out WHY you'd wanna do that. Call it stupid, but I DO like to watch these events withOUT knowing the outcome beforehand, that's all.
I know the post that indicated who won wasn't malicious; I don't assume that anyone even knows it goes to the mainpage. Hell, I did the same thing with the Women's DH. Oops. I felt shi**y that I spoiled it for someone who popped onto epic in the minute it took for me to realize what I'd done, then delete.

Sorry if I seem to have over-reacted, but as I said, just didn't get why you'd've done that. Thanks for the edit.

- Ryan
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Up to the minute results can be found on:

Maybe we should not post results on epicski.com, considering results can be easily found on the olympics site. On the other hand I'm all for discussing the races on epicski. gotta go
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Really sorry, guys - won't do it again. Not a word, not a peep.

My sincere apologies - but just how many hours after the event do your TV stations finally allow you to see it? My message was posted ages after the last skier came down yesterday.

Anyway, sorry again.

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I think they're still watching Nagano!

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Back to the original subject. It was a great victory for Kostelic. She is coming off multiple knee surgeries and is skiing in pain. She hurt herself in one of the speed disciplines and showed a lot of courage going for it at the Olympics. The only reason it wasn't so exciting is she skied the downhill course so well.....much better than anyone expected. If she put her mind to it she could be one hell of a Super G skier.

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Good job for Lindsay Kildow. Another Central skier from MN.(Dad's from Milton WI)
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I see LaLive got a dns. Did she hurt herself in that dh fall?
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LaLive started the first run, had a very good split time and then leaned in on the pitch. She hiked and finished, but with such a slow run did not start the second run. I am sure she is OK and will go for SG next.
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