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Reflections of a ski season

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Looks like my ski season is over for this year. I guess one could sum it up in one word, disappointing, to say the least. Yet, in another word it could be considered a bonus season.

there was a time in the Fall when I wasn't able to think about skiing let alone worrying about how good the year would be. Health issues had me thinking about mortality instead of adding skis to the quiver. December and January came and went and it wasn't until a couple days before the Holimont/HV Gathering on the 25th of January that I finally got on the slopes. Then my worries were being strong enough to keep up with the rest of the gathering attendies. I'd lost almost 30 lbs. Much of it muscle, the fat, that was a good thing. Skiing is like riding a bike. Once you get back in the saddle, it's all good. The worst part of the ordeal was having to cancel the January family trip to Colorado. And along with buying three Colorado passes that weren't going to get used, i let my Boys down.

The highlight of the season was a very successful Ellicotteville Gathering. Heluva and myself were hosts to a heck of a couple days. There was good skiing and partying, much laughing and the opportunity to meet some people who have been special over the years here at Epic Ski. I finally got to meet and ski with Phil Pug and a legend to me, Rick the Fastman. A bunch of others who were all real nice as well, and someone whom I hit it right off with, bumpfreak. I had a feeling like we've been skiing together for years. I sincerely hope we can do it again. The EVille Gathering-Contractor's Day will be on again next year, I expect.

We had another trip planned for the spring but as well, complications with my Wife's vacation time caused a cancellation of that. This will be the first time we haven't skied colorado or washington since 1981. The only good thing to come of this is a new set of golf clubs and a chance to pay off all my credit cards. It's such a great feeling to be debt free. Another thing i've realized this year is money's no good without health to enjoy it.

all in all, i managed to get 30 quality days and nights of skiing. Many bluebird days, maybe as many as i've gotten here since i quit the Patrol. HV is closing Sunday the 6th. i won't be there I'll be on the golf course as it's supposed to be sunny and 65. So, my ski season is over. To those of you who have many days left, be careful but enjoy.

Epic Ski's not going anywhere and i'll continue to enjoy your company to keep me going till next ski season.
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Thirty days sounds reasonable to me. Health is everything, good vibes. Think of the gear you can get in the sales with the money you saved this winter.
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Skiing with you was also one of the highlights on my season too. You got your health back....thats all that really matters. Oh, I also see your sense of humor has returned 100%, you have been more "Lars" than usual of late.
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The Holimont gathering was certainly a high point in my season and a chance to put faces and actual live personalities with the internet names and posts.If it happens next year I'm in!
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