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Lazy foot?

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My season's pretty much done now, but I thought I'd ask anyhow; any suggestions to cure a lazy/wandering ski? I've been off skis for a long time (I've been snowboarding since 1987), and just this season I got a really nice deal on some used gear so I've been back on the skis a few times but I've got a problem that I'm pretty uncomfortable with.

When I'm trying to go straight my right ski tends to wander around a bit. I've noticed this most on terrain that's pretty tracked up. I've had the problem both with my Fischer FX7.6's (78mm waist) and my Salomon Crossmax Pilot 10's (69mm or so waist). One factor may be that I'm a goofy-footed snowboarder so I'm used to my right foot ahead of me down the fall line and moving my left (rear) foot around to control my snowboard (so my right foot is the weaker on the snowboard).

I've tried engaging my outer/uphill edge when I'm making turns but it's pretty tough. It's all just a little foreign to me to be on two planks. I hope to get proficient enough to swap back and forth on whatever terrain I encounter.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Yo Cid,

Have you tried taking the left ski from the Fischers and the Solomon's and making a pair that way?

But seriously, have you had your alignment checked? It sounds like you might need some minor canting work.
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Nope, haven't had alignment checked. I'll have a professional check me out next season; I'm thinking about getting some new boots anyway, so maybe it'd be worth my time and money to go to a real bootfitter. Thanks for the reply.
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