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Skiing in New England temps?

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Anybody (Oboe?) skiing lately in northern NE? It's supposed to be -38 at Attitash, -15 at Stowe.
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I haven't skied in like over 2 weeks.

First no snow now too cold.

I can't win.
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Temps should be getting back to just Cold status by the wkend... so the media says.... :
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Woke up this morning at Burke - not a wisp of wind, -25F. The mountain would be closed for the day. Walked a bit to experience the nestled grip of frigid air; the northeast kingdom's rural winter detachment. Oh cold for sure, but no humidity. Reminded me of early mornings in Jackson Hole, but no inversion today. After a liesurely breakfast and delicious coffee at the Old Cutter Inn, we took care to cancel tomorrow's ladies FIS GS due to projected windchills. Warmed the car (it started), collected gear and looked forward to the drive home. Headed south on 91, then 93 - spectacularly beautiful - bluebird skies, crystalline moisture in the air, sparkling with the richness of the cold. Headed back towards Twin Mtn after exiting south of Franconia - the snow guns were on at Cannon, with a steady NE Breeze beginning to build. Franconia Notch held a milky haze of deep winter.

Stopped by Bretton Woods - fully running, maybe 40 cars in the lot. The breezes were picking up, but the slope exposure seemed relatively well protected - the base lodge thermometer stood at-22, at 11:30am. Heading on, decided to gas up. The flags were now standing, the air now brisk and biting. Burke's early cold nip was lady-like in comparison. Mount Washington was surreal and enveloped in the chill. Lovely. The other-worldly.

Continued down through Crawford Notch - Bear Peak at Attitash was closed - further down the road, lifts were running at Attitash, with maybe 30 cars - only two skiers were seen descending.

In North Conway, the temps and sunshine was a different zone. Bright, probably just below zero. Although skiers at Cranmore were few and far between, the lifts were running, and the terrain park was being torn apart and refreshed. I caught a bit of a swagger in a couple who obviously relished the elements, as if "no weatherman telling us to stay indoors on such a glorious day!" Very skiable conditions at 1:00 in the afternoon.

Passed by Shawnee Peak - they too were closed for the day.

It's currently -12 here in Western Maine. May you be cozy and refreshed for the upcoming gorgeous weekend. All the slopes are buffed and anxious for your approval!
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Great post Whygimf - why experience reality through a screen? Fear of cold, fear of everything - forbid we feel anything except comfy, cosy wrap-me-in-a-cinnamon-bun safety -- Was outside last night on my way home - not on the slopes - hadn't felt the cold like that since my Chicago days -- all I could think of was "thank you!" --- no one will be on the slopes this weekend...
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I skied last weekend and will ski in the warmer temperatures this weekend. The deep freeze has allowed snow makers to make pretty good powder snow. Layering up with modern bases layers and outer ski clothing allows for comfortable skiing in the deep freeze as long as the winds are calm.

I wonder if this cold snap will keep the MLK weekend crowds down?
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Friday AM:
We woke up to -19 degrees this morning and strong winds. No skiing today, but it is supposed to warm up a tad for the weekend. Up till the last couple of days the ski areas were cranking out the manmade stuff and surfaces were excellent (Northern New Hampshire also saw about 8"+ of fresh snow on Tuesday. Should be good skiing this weekend (- with somewhat reduced crowds?).
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We'll be at Burke on Saturday.

Can't wait to try the new Boot Gloves.
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I've been skiing all day during the cold snap at Stowe from head to toe, this is what I've been wearing, and I have not been cold.

Med weight Marmot Driclime bottoms (cut off below knee)
Expedition weight Marmot Driclime bottoms (also cut off)
My thinnest Skifox socks (only 1 pr.)
Marmot Dricline Zip top
Marmot 200 weight fleece, non-windproof
Marmot Primaloft vest (uniform)
Marmot Goretex shell jacket (uniform)
Marmot Randonee bib shell pants
Salomon XWave 10 boots with bottom buckles very loose
Boot Gloves - these things help a lot
Marmot Expedition Mitts (I'm not sure if they are Primaloft or Down inside, but they are warm, my hands are sweating at -25. Can't grip my poles due to bulk. Good thing I have Leki trigger poles)
Seirus neoprene and fleece balaclava
Briko helmet
Oakley goggles

That's it - not too much bulk, and I can last comfortably al day in that.
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Might ski this weekend on Saturday if I don't get called in to work. The temps are supposed to be much warmer. Today is brutal down here -5 when I got up and windy. For the first time that I have ever heard of schools are closed for the cold.
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When I find myself out on the slopes in these udderly cold temps I grab for the familiar green tin. Bag balm. Mooo!
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Originally posted by Talisman:
I wonder if this cold snap will keep the MLK weekend crowds down?
I think just the opposite. It'll warm up into the 20's over the weekend which compared to this week will seem pretty warm. That coupled with some natural snow in the big cities and I suspect the MLK crowds will be out in droves...
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Wish i owned stock in HEET! My car has been idling far longer than it has been driven this week. Yes, the temps are supposed to be a bit more reasonable this weekend, but by monday we'll back down below zero, at least in northern NE.
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I skied most of the day Thursday. Nice not to have to wear anything under the pants and just a thin shirt under the coat. No need for goggles of course. Nice clear blue skies and still air. On a couple fast steep non-stoppers after I arrived mid morning, wished I'd put my something on my exposed face but by 11am was not cold at all. Besides today my face is sporting a nice fresh rosy glow on my winter tan. Minus 40 degrees? Nay Plus 40. If you inconsiderate guys back East would only bother to get rid of that blocking blob of frigid cold air back East, we out here in the West might start getting our righteous powder storms again, Yikes!

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