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Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
jonnythan: Your post suggests to me that it is good to share a lifestyle, but differing interests and hobbies are great too. I think taking scuba or skiing or a bunch of other things pretty seriously is more along the lines of lifestyle than hobby.
You have to be a really serious skier for that. There are certainly some on the forum, but not that many out there.

"Skier" doesn't mean "150 days." Not to me at least.
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25+ years for my wife and I.

I patrol, she is a bit less envolved (like has not been on skis in 5 years ;-)

So far so good, but those "Chicks on stix" are looking mighty lovely! ;-)

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It works for me for two reasons:

1) I love to ski solo, so I don't need her company.

2) I ignore her when she dares to complain about my time spent skiing.
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I am fortunate that my husband is very agreeable and will generally go along with my latest burning interest, whether it is skiing or road biking or even bird watching. In return, I'm pretty tolerant of his need to dig holes in the backyard and fill them with water and Japanese koi fish.
This was hilarious for whatever reason.

Back to the subject, I really don't understand the need for couples to be making everything togheter, but again, I'm pretty much a loner to begin with. I'm perfectly content with my girlfriend having activities outside of hanging out with me. In fact, I wouldn't be interested in her if the only thing she ever did was egg me to spend time with her doing nothing at her place or go drink in bars (what busy university students who are also broke usually do).
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When I met my wife 25 years ago, neither of us skied, surfed, really did much of anything but work and party.
Good news is, I did well in my profession, met some guys that surfed and skied and got into it.
The wife doesn't do either as she is a teacher and can't make the early morning surf session with the bros and she sure as hell can't go skiing Thursday-Sunday and have the boss think she is working like I can
Fortunately, she allows me to do my favorite past times as much as possible. Surfing is never a problem as I live a few blocks from the beach and I am not gone surfing for days at a time. Skiing though can cause the occasional "you didn't tell me you were going to CO for a week" outburst. You just have to work through it and give them quality time too and your undivided devotion and I believe a keeper will work with you. If not, move on.
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Originally Posted by jonnythan View Post
I'm a skier and a diver.

IMO, if you're going to have a partner that shares an activity that you're very into and good at, they have to be very good as well. It sucks being relegated to boring shallow dives because you can't go scuba diving without taking your scuba diving wife, or sticking to blue runs because your rec skier wife doesn't like glades or bumps.
Not necessarily. My wife was a beginner when we met, but had the desire, and very competitive. In the beginning, we skied together until she got tired, then I ripped off a few runs while she rested in the lodge. Or I put her in a lesson while I free skied. Or she skied with less aggressive freinds, while I skied with the more aggressive ones. Now she can ski pretty much anything I can ski, minus >5 ft. cornices. She does have a more balanced life and doesn't ski as much as me, but she has her own things also (dog agility and herding), so she lets me do my thing in the winter.
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Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
that is quite familiar Simon...arghh.

(you pond skimming this weekend?)
Isn't it though? I feel like a slacker with my over 30 days but it's all I could eek out with us being shorthanded at work.
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With my current lifestyle, it's not likely I'll even meet any non skiing women, let alone date them. If I'm not working, I'm skiing...until May when I will drop back to skiing only one day each week for the summer.
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Its all about compromising. I have to admit, the hobby does put some pressure to the relationship and if one does not handle properly it could cause merriage break up. I am aware of one ski instructor in Whistler got a divorce because he teaches in Whistler and Japan full time while the other half works in Vancouver. I am not sure skiing was the only cause, but it was one of the contributing factors.

I am sure each of you have a different case, but if you wish to ski frequently and the other half does not ski at all, it does not land itself in good hands.
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It can work....

You're in NW CT, go to Manchester VT. She goes to the outlet stores, you go to the slopes (unfortunately, both means spending lots of dollars ). Who needs the ball and chain to hold you back on the slopes anyways .

No seriously, I'm thankful my wife is a pretty good skier. She doesn't like to push herself hard, but she can ski anything less than a double black in middle/southern VT. Anytime we ski with other people/families, she's only woman that skis with us guys. Wife, kids (14 and 9), and I can ski together all day and have a good time with only the double black limitation for my wife. Another few of years, and I'm sure the kids will want to leave me with "Mom" .

If my wife didn't like skiing, I'm sure we would all be out there less often.
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Neither of us had skied prior to getting married. We went with a friend and hubby enjoyed it while I was terrified, put into a lesson above my level, and hated it. He went a few more times that winter on day trips and I feared becoming a ski widow.

The following year we worked at it together. We bought appropriate equipment, warm clothes, and especially boots that fit. We took some lessons. I was still pretty scared, but I started to get it.

After a couple of more years I became as avid as he is. I still can't ski as well as he can, so he'll go off for an hour or 2 alone or with friends, and usually we meet for lunch. By then he is skied out from the tough stuff and happy to stay with me the rest of the day.

I have skied 4 or 5 days more than him this year for some reason, just days he didn't feel like going out and I did. I don't know what would have happened if I hadn't take to it, but I doubt I would be as happy as I am now. I thank him on nice days and curse him on bad days for getting me into it.
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