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Bro comparison-Karhu /Line/Atomic

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Any opinions on how the 179 Bros would ski compared with 179 Karhu Jak Team, 179 Line Prophet 100, or 183 Atomic Sugar Daddy?
I have skied the Karhu/Line and Atomic but am on West Slope CO and not aware of any Bro demo opportunities nearby. Looking for an all around ski that can go into trees in search of powder and in my opinion the Karhu/Line was better for this (and had a nice feel in soft snow) compared to the Sugar Daddy which was nice as a fall line seeking, powerful ski which while great in powder seemed the stronger of the two for railing on the groomers and busting through crud rather than negotiating in tight trees. Just curious how the Bro might fit in the picture compared to these 2 popular skis?
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Can only compare 179 softs to a Heli Daddy (which is the Sugar Daddy of old without the twin) and Line 100. Me 5'9'', 170 lbs.

Similar flex to the Lines (which means softish). They ski very short (too short for me) due to the flaired tail, in pow they float o.k. for a ski that short. But the Line works prolly a tad better here since it has more surface area. The Heli Daddy feels beefier, skies a bit longer and definitely rails better on the hard stuff. I had the problem of overpowering the 179 all the time. The Bros are available in a stiff flex which is good for hardpack but less favorable for soft snow.

That said haven't tried the new flexes which are said to be stiffer in general which is a bonus. Also there's a 183 on the market now which compares better to a 183 Sugar.
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I have no comparisons of the Bros to those you've suggested, but I can tell you that I've been impressed with the performance of the 174 Soft Bros.
Surprisingly easy to get on edge considering the width. Great Flex, float, Crud busting, and stability. Decent on hard pack, .......... and though they're not ideal in the bumps, with my limited bump skills, I actually felt comfortable, making my way on Palli.

As stated, I have no comparison to the other skis you requested, but this is my feel of the Bro 174 Soft.

Eh, but what do I know, I'm just a wimpy girl
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