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Tahoe areas closing dates?

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Heading to Tahoe area @ 17th of April, am pretty sure Heavenly is normally open into May. Does Squaw or some of the others stay open that late, anybody know of planned closing dates?
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Squaw will be open on 4/17. Actually, I'm planning to be there on 4/25. FWIW< my last day there last year was 4/27 and it was 5/1 the year before. Check Alpine Meadows as well...
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Right now Northstar is scheduled to close around 4/27, Alpine on 5/4 and Squaw on 5/11. I suspect those are subject to change, but probably fairly firm. The resorts aren't selling many daily tickets these days so they lose thousands every day they are open.

Its kind of a bummer. I was going to buy a Squaw spring pass if they were staying open until Memorial day. But since they close right after Alpine, no dice.
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