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boot sugestions?

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I've moved back to living close to the slopes and am shopping for boots.
I thinkI'm an intermediate/advanced skier that Likes to carve turns. On the flatter groomed sctions I like to cerve fast GS turns and when it gets steeper I like to ski the fall line doing slalom turns.
I weigh 175#, 6'-1", and am male. I've been looking at some older used 2005? Salomon X-wave 8 boots. I'm shopping for used boots for the obvious reason. I think I can get some that will work fine for me.
Do you think the 8s will be enough of a boot for me? should I get 10s? I'm pretty aggresive in my carving. Thanks!
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Easier to make a stiff boot softer than a soft boot stiffer.....
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To interpret for Bud, he is thinking the boot is soft. But also you don't say anything about your foot shape. A Wave 8 is I would say on the medium to medium high side on the volume issue. Is that what you need?

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