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Originally posted by disski:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Pow Junkie:
...boy did I get lucky, 6 inches a night...
I thought we was talking skiing [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] </font>[/quote]disski, You are a baaad girl [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Besides all the fun I had skiing with my kids, my wife, my friends and the friends of my friends; the highlight of a season without a lot of powder days was a deep powder day. I had put my kids in a lesson for the day which left me all by my lonesome. But skiing is a wonderful way to make new friends; as I rode up the 9990 chair at The Canyons I met Dan - a pilot for American Airlines - and we shared many a run in the fresh snow.

After several runs we decided to start hiking up the ridge for a few more vertical and a few less tracks. If the last run we took together had been my last run on skis I would be a happy man. It was long and moderately steep. Uninterupted, but for a single pine tree. And, if I do say so myself, I skied it well.

And the best news of all? It wasn't my last run on skis. I'm going again tomorrow. And again Sunday.

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Those are some great moments everyone. Nevertheless, whether it's a good day or a bad day on the hill, we are all truly blessed to be able to enjoy this sport.
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The first ever EpicSki Academy, and the gathering, which included: Meeting and skiing with the likes of nolo, Bob Barnes, Wear the fox hat?, sno'more, Springhill Crazie and Bob the Builder. Watching Arcmeister tear around a turn on skiblades maybe a foot and a half long with a SIG on his face the size of Alaska. Having a few brewskis with everyone with whom I had a few brewskis. Learning what is that ONE THING that is the key to my ascent as a skier. Skiing with Ryan, milesb and spouse, Bonni, Susieskier and JimmyD all at the same time, more or less, and spending an OBSCENE sum for my on mountain Deer Valley lunch which was worth it. Sitting with a Crown Royal, Tom Burch and his bother J-squared and Vail Snopro late at night and just talking skiing. Meeting Batman and Robin themsleves - AC and dchan! Watching Bonni fall in love with Weems and taking a giant leap forward as a skier. Watching Weems on a (you should please excuse the expression) snowboard. At the banquet, getting better acquainted with mary and hearing Ziggy sing "The Ballad of Bob Barnes", also called "Pre-release me, let me go". . . Much more, much more, and THE highlight of the season it was, for me, the first ever EpicSki Academy.
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Wow, what a season!

How can you pick a single event from so many, and call it a highlight? I think the entire season was superb!

But if you insist...

Might it have been getting a middle aged man, with no hips (degenerative arthritis), to ski a green trail completely on his own, and in control. No, but it was good.

Could it be the Academy, where I got to meet and ski with quite a few Bears? Certainly, a career highlight. Hmmm...

I guess it would have to be this afternoon! After the results were announced of those who had passed their Level 3's, and the 3 guys I had worked with all season, had all passed! The pride of the achievement and emotional stress of an entire season's training was so evident on their faces.

The culmination of countless hours of dedication and effort, showing results. That is how I can deem this MY highlight, and a successful season!

Now, may I please go on vacation?

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Well, the highlight of the season occured this evening. I was out for sushi dinner with some good friends. One bud had his two children along, a 10 year old son and 3 year old daughter. As we were having our post dinner drinks and the kids were enjoying their icecream, the tatami room next to use started singing happy birthday to [her name here] (who we did not know at all). Well, we convince the son to do something for $5 and it was priceless, and I haven't laughed so hard all year. He goes over to the table, and gets up onto the bench and says "Where's [her name here]? ... Hi, I'm [his name here], I'm your stripper." He then starts a few dance moves he learned from watching Fat Bastard of Austin Powers fame. Well we bust a gut, they bust a gut and tip him $10. I think there'll be a few dollars spent on therapy, but it was funny as hell.
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I hope that the highlight of my season will occur early next week after the storm that is supposedly headed to Tahoe dumps a few feet.
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The Academy was the highlight of my season. Skiing in Utah and meeting all the Bears was a memorable event for me.

I certainly hope to make it to the Academy next year.
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Drum roll:

The Academy. An instructor's dream come true.

Galena. Big rock-candy mountains covered in marshmallow creme, boulders like top-heavy gumdrops, balsam woods like slender green soldiers at attention, creek bottoms laced with garnet wisps of willow bent under an icing of frost.

The 3. Fear distills as exhilaration.
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Final day was my best day. Finally accomplished my goal of skiing Tuckerman's Ravine. I started getting really scared about half way up (paradoxically, the thought of slipping on the hike up was more un-nerving for me then the thought of skiing it, so I bailed. Call me a wuss.)

Total ski time (not counting the schuss down the Sherburne Ski Trail): maybe 2 minutes. But now I understand the thrill of "earn your turns". Time to buy some crampons! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Highlight of the season? I ski for fun and enjoyment. We had a big cold storm in the Sierra a month or so ago that ended about a month and a half of mild weather and piddly storms. On a Saturday afternoon after avy control, one quad lift was opened in a big alpine bowl. I got over to the lift late, after a huge mob of drooling skiers were already in the lift line waiting for the grand opening. Got into the singles line way back. When they decide to start loading chairs, there was some chaos loading the initial sets of chairs so I loudly yelled for the singles ahead of me to fill in as 4 singles which occured several times and the singles line quickly put me in chair #12. At the top, most skiers ahead of me raced over to a ridge which was steeper and no doubt deeper as usual. A few intermediates floundered off a bit aways from the lift. Under the lift is an wide open upper intermediate pitch of 700 feet vert which was totally untouched. Reflecting my mogul skiing, my powder skiing style is short bouncy relaxed SSS's. I skied the whole way down with pretty much right under the lift listening to continuous pent up yelling and whoops including those from a couple of voices of old acquaintences I recognized. All love it, what a great sport! -dave
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Wow, looking back there are so many things about this season that will stand out in my mind.

This was the first year that I stepped into the backcountry. I've had a few great days in the BC since then, and all have been amazing.

I have nailed a few lines that I have been looking at for a couple of years.

I've dropped a few new cliffs that I've been eyeing.

I had a couple of really good powder days.

Some spectacular crashes!

I have made some really good turns in that powder, ones that I look back on from the bottom thinking; "damn, that was sweet!" Grinning ear to ear for the rest of the day.

Feeding Fox a crappy American beer. Meeting a lot of bears at the Gathering, and other places.

Being there multiple times this year for the rope drops.

Pulling into the parking lot to the sound of avalanche charges going off.

Meeting and skiing with new and old friends met through this board, others and on the chairs. Its been a great season for that. Something cool about heading up to the mountain alone and always having somebody to make turns with.

Beers on the Tram Deck at Snowbird, the Pruv or Goldminer's at Alta.

Great Times with Great Friends at Great Places!
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A good snow year in the East.

"Night skiing" while doing trail closing in a blizzard. ("Can you feel it?")

Finding that I can ski without a single "extra muscle" tensioned somewhere.

Making pole touches instead of plants. (After years of wondering what to do with my hands, VSP still has to help with the swing!)

Cold smoke blowing over my shoulder, making turns deep in out of bounds woods (undisclosed western location)

Tipping those ski tips into the next trough, and carving through.

Throwing a 5 ft cornice and a 7 foot ledge. ( skiing away as well)

Carving creamy "buttah" on low blue cruisers waiting for things to warm up.

Thigh deep powder turns till I ached

Skiing 9 out of ten days straight.

Taking a solo ski trip and finding my "dance card" filled with ski days with lots of like spirited friends.

Walking through the patio at the base at days end and hearing my name called out by new found friends to join in revelry of the day just enjoyed.

Being at the summit "again", after the wheels have stopped, the skiers all down, for a solo run to the base.

Words don't do justice. If it could be bottled, it would be illigle.

We try to keep it a secret, but the smiles gives it all away.


Oh! being the one to drop the ropes, and allow a hungry group of four onto some untouched fresh stuff.

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At the risk of being repetitive, I must say the Academy was the highlight for me. First, focusing on really engaging and steering with the inside ski was a significant learning. Second, meeting and skiing with folks I "knew" from the Forum was just great. Sharing a rental car (and more than a few laughs) with Oboe and Bonni - what a way to make new friends.

My dream ski season for next year would be to spend 3-4 days at the home mountain of each of our instructors for some supremo instruction with them. Or maybe I'll settle for the Academy again, which will be just fine!
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A big hug from a young student and the comment "that was the best lesson I ever had" [img]smile.gif[/img]

Watching my niece, nephew, and friend's kids ripping down the hill with a big grin on their face.

Seeing my upper level student grin as light bulbs go off in when he discovered something new.
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It was definitely skiing Highland Bowl with my son and daughter. It made me feel my life has been well spent (so far).

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Quite a few, grace be to God;

Skiing Thanksgiving weekend in true Winter conditions for the first time ever (VT)

1st time in true powder after 2 foot dump in Chile

1st time skiing out west and marveling at the enormity of Vail

First chair at Alta on a powder day (I got there @ 7:55 AM, lifts started @ 9:15, I'm truly disturbed.)

Chest deep pow @ Snowbird 4/6/03

Maybe one of the best was skiing Switzerland with beautiful sunshine and warm temps for a week with my wife, we had so much fun.

This was my best season ever so I could definitely throw a few more out there, but those are the biggies! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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-Skiing with my wife in Utah and Wyoming on a real vacation(got married for the first time last May at the ripe young age of 48)

-After having trouble with bumps the first part of the season, having four level 3 cert instructors click there polls at me after a bump run
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My first season on the ski school.

Skiing in the new years eve torchlight parade. A bunch of ski instructors skiing with lit road flares, nice!

Watching Johnny Mosley ripin my home mountain, and seeing a fellow instructor rippin down right next to him (and kicking mosleys ass, i might add)

Competing in my first bump contest, and not doing to badly. I would have actually gotten a lot further if i hadn't straightlined the bottom of the course! Bieng in the first heat of the contest was awesome because everyone was cheering, and that got the adrenaline flowing.

Tons of incredible snow.

My skiing improved tremendously, i never knew how bad i was before.

Having students who have never skied before making open-track parralel turns within and hour and a half.

All the friends I made on the ski school this year.
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-Skiing the Back Bowls at Vail, 1st time ever, with 10" of fresh powder. Totally Awesome!!

-Gaining noticeable confidence in my skiing.

-Finding this forum and listening(or is it reading?) to what you all have to say. I’ve learned a ton. Thanks. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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The ski season this year was horrible, by utah standards,Alta has only had 417 inches this year compared to last years 581 and I ski at Park City which had even less snow. The lack of snow however did not stop me from having a fun season. The best days were when everyone else had school, or work so we had the 3,000+ acres all to ouselves. If you realy want to lose the crowd you should ski jupiter,or if that is too hard for you just take jupiter access, you can take off into the trees, and build jumps into fields of untouched utah powder all day,The highlight of the season was when my friend took a jump too fast and ended up flailing in the air, with one ski parallel to the snow, and another parallel to his body, he dissapeared behind the jump and I thought that he was probably horribly wounded, but somehow he landed it. I am looking forward to much more snow next year.
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Two highlights:

Carving the whole of the red run down from Cime Caron in wide GS turns in beautiful sunshine, when the year before I'd slid & scrambled & side-slipped slowly down it in heavy snow.

We went to Val d'Isere in December and in April. In December our instructor persuaded me down my first black runs, which I found terrifying (particularly bits of Face de Bellevarde). In April I found they didn't look that steep after all and the only problem was all those slow tentative bunnies getting in my way!
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Well done Frances!
Face is a good run - and great view over the village. Have you done it torchlight yet?

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March 13th, Aspen Highlands. The spectacular view from the top of the legendary Highland Bowl, a heart stopping run down Ozone, followed by a much needed change of underwear after the harrowing traverse out at the bottom : which I'll admit I was not prepared for. Or is it just me?

Skiing Blackcomb Glacier in Feb. was a close second!
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Fresh powder on the $29_Wednesday "Maine Days" [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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There were a lot of highlights this past year. It started out with a desire to learn how to teach skiing the best that I could, and with the least amount of things for the kids to unlearn later. I love teaching and passing on my passion to the kids. That for me translated into taking clinics which started me on the road that lead to completing Level I & II cert.
The clinics were excellent, thanks to Rusty and Bob Barnes. There were so many things that I learned am still learning from the clinics, it was great.

Sking at the mountain challenge at Taos was another highlight, specifically the last run of the second day when we had to hike to the peak and we got to be the last ones down for the season. The snow was great.

Last, It was snowing, night before last as I was coming over Vail pass, so it hasn't ended yet. Which means that after my hand is healed up, I can really ski again as A-Basin will be open till July. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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