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Water Buffalo

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Since there is no thread on dreams....I haven't been doing much of any activity lately because I was in a car wreck. I came around a corner on some ice and my car continued on a straight path, across the other lane, over an embankment and hit a tree. I banged both knees off the dash board. Man, that air bag, burnt dust smell sttinks! I'm really bruised up, but no major injuries other than a totalled car and my ego.

Now for the really strange part. I've had two car accidents in my life. Both times, before the accident I had some sort of premonition. I had these strange fragmented dreams with a Water Buffalo in them. I read somewhere that these images are symbols. I think it was Carl Jung that wrote about this in his dream interpretation work.

Has anyone else ever experienced this?
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My bad accidents....of which there are many (cars, skiing, bikes)....the only images that flash before my eyes have been of injury several magnitudes higher than what I actually sustained in the accident, so after all is said and done I am usually relieved.
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Hmmmm...Who to call? Ghost Busters, The Psychick Friends Network, Scully and Mulder, an exorcist?
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Call Mick 'Crocodile' Dundee.
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A few years ago I was nearly killed in an avalanche, and the only weird mental thing was that I seemed to see animal forms in everything for a bit afterwards.

As far as water buffalo go, I love them. They are really gentle and nice. I rode one once, and bought one for an Indonesian village after the Tsunami.
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The water buffalo in my dreams were anything but nice. I saw a show once on Africian Water Buffalo and they were something to steer clear of.

Maybe Mic and I can jump in an Outback and find an Aborigine medicine man?

I don't think anything short of studded tires would have prevented the accident. There were some record accident numbers that day. Something like 250 in the Charelston, WV area. The road was so slick the firemen almost fell trying to walk on it!

I like Subaru vehicles, waiting for something to come out with a little better mileage maybe. Saab has come out with some interesting prototypes. I'm hoping they create something in an AWD hybrid.

For right now I'm just driving my Silverado. The steel bumper up front is a little more reassuring than a composite one.
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According to Chinese dream interpretation, a water buffalo entering you house means someone you know will pass away. (And let's face it---if I saw a water buffalo in my house I would probably have a heart attack!)
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I found some online dream definitions. I couldn't specifically find water buffalo. Most of the definitions seem to center around survival and conflict.


To see a buffalo in your dream, symbolizes survival. The dream may warn that you are go off your life path.
To see an injured or killed buffalo, forewarns that you must not accept any new ventures.
To see a herd of buffalo in your dream, signifies tranquility and plentitude.
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