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Originally Posted by FergusInFrance View Post


...when I was growing up skiing on Cairngorm in Scotland the Fischer C4 (before they added the 'R') Comp was a very exotic thing... I lusted after a pair big time. By the time I was old enough and had the means to buy a pair they had just brought out the Vacuums. When I was skiing them, whenever I passed a pair of the old design RC4s (the ones I presume you had)  I always thought damn! if only I'd bought a pair the previous season, they looked so much better...


I liked the C4 name before they added the "R" as well.


Funny too, when I skied on these C4 "Catapults"... I always wanted the closely similar looking C4 "Competitions" instead! Lol


As a beginner on these 190cm's Fischer C4's in the 1970's I would turn heads a little bit, maybe it had to do with the dayglo graphic, and a new nomenclature of "race stock" or something. Other skiers must have thought I meant business based purely on my choice of equipment! And they were fast skis too!

Ironically these were my first skis at age 16 and in a parallel coincidence that summer I bought my first surfboard, and it too was fast & high performance!.. A 6'-8" Hawaiian mini gun single fin pin-tail renowned as one of the fastest shapes. Yellow, with Purple rails and bottom, it also made a statement kind of like my Fischer C4 skis. More than once people respected me for my choice of equipment maybe thinking I must have been good or something if I was surfing on that little missile. I was waxing that board on the beach about to go out once and looked up to see 3 guys twice my age checking out my narrow mini gun. One of them who, looked pretty stoned actually, stopped chewing the corner of his surf wax and asked: "Where'd you get that board?"


Getting off the ski topic track here talking about surfing- but interestingly my choice in a first surfboard did little to improve my ability to carve up the waves because it's shape was narrow and it had very little rocker- it was built for speed. More rocker, especially in the tail, helps loosen up a surfboard- (yeah just like the new skis).

But low and behold, I actually had the perfect board for the location I surfed at for 3 summers in the 70's! Who knew?

Part of the Outer Banks of NC is known for basically having a "close-out" wave as you can catch a wave's shoulder but most of the center breaks all at once... Yet, it is equally known by locals, as one of the East Coast's fastest waves! Ocracoke Island, NC. This is where I could make the un-makeable sections screaming across all day long! And on a 6'-8" dome top mini gun pit-tail, trimmed up on the sweet spot, - that is as fast as it gets on the East Coast summer surf.

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Little Bing with Bonzer fins on left , Pintail on right...
Getting back to the topic:
Here are some European Fischer SC4 Boron's from the 1990's that I look forward to taking for a spin. Anybody seen or skied these before?

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Originally Posted by Lowell Watson View Post

Gotta get some 99's back on there, or Tyrolia 390RD..I will gladly give you a pair if shipping makes sense



a mighty kind offer but I fear I'm far too used to skiing shaped skis... don't think I could do the old RC4s justice. The new ones however I'm liking a lot...


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You'd be surprised how quickly old habits return on old skis. The habits make the old skis work pretty well, at that. The trick is to leave the habits when going back to new skis.

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The skill set you learned on the old straight skis is still part of the skill set used today, you just don't need to rely on it as much as you used to. That said, some of the new skills will be the perference, and those you will have to suppress a bit.

Over all you will be a better skier on the old skis because you have this newer skill set. Just remember old skis need to be SKIED, not just skied as with the new.

Go out and enjoy.
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I recently became the owner of some older RBL skis and don't know much about the skis. When looking online I can only come up with ski boots. I was wondering if anyone could give me info about the skis? [IMG]
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Here is my sweater from the early 70s! Epic2.jpg 1,485k .jpg file  

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That's gotta be from the Robert B. Lange famous for ski boots.

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What size are those?  They look like they could be great ballet skis!  Please let me know.  I'm always looking.

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I think 170s but I would have to double check to make sure.
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Same designer as the boots, after Garcia aquired the boot company. 

He and Bob Beati had a ski company for a couple of years in the mid 70's.
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I had the original Solomon rear entry boot (women).  They probably did more to stall my skiing career than my 12 years away from the slopes.:rotflmao: 

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Originally Posted by SHREDHEAD View Post

Same designer as the boots, after Garcia aquired the boot company. 

He and Bob Beati had a ski company for a couple of years in the mid 70's.


Rossi Smash has the RBL White posted further up the thread, '79 or 80 I think. 

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Yeh, seriously,  I mean STOP the brutal rocker-camber-rocker!

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Craigslist delusions:  http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/spo/5723644064.html  $325 for Yamaha All Round II with Cubco and LeTrappeur boots?

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^In pretty good shape, TBH, actually too good - no TGI Friday decor shopper will spend a dime on those :D

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Not so much 'retro', more pale imitation of a classic...



They were actually a really nice ski and while not as classy looking as the 70s versions they certainly stood out.

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did those have a magnesium topsheet?

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Its getting cold at night here in North Idaho and time to bump this thread.


Remember this?



This was THE bible of ski areas. This is a 1987 copy.

In my opinion the most important fact published about any area was it's vertical drop.

3000 feet or more and was most likely a good place to go.

Hard to believe how much better things are now. 


Other thoughts.

The Yamaha All-Around IIs mentioned a couple posts upthread. Wasn't that the ski with aluminum edges?

They would come in to the shop just totally rounded. No rust ever but the aluminum was super soft.

You put them on the grinder and NO sparks.Tough to put a decent edge on them.

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A UK 'White Book'... rather different as it's the 1991/92 ski brochure for 'Elis Brigham', one of the big UK ski retailers. Very glossy, lots of info and all for the bargain price of £1.95... which seemed quite a lot to be sold a retailers sales pitch.



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Boots I raced on in high-school. Had this ad on my wall for 20 years in my bedroom - took my parents a while to redecorate 😄
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Finally dug out some old straights race skis hope the picture shows up


210 3G GS Race ski, these were some of the silkyest GS rides

203 4SI SL Race ski with GS bases, long story

Salomon 3S Size, Power 9? Original Salomon cap ski without graphics for pre-launch hype on the slopes.

"What the heck are those? They're Salomon skis, Salomon doesn't make skis, They don't?"


207 Rossignol ST650

203 Rossignol 4S

210 3GC GS Race ski with radical sidecut (for these early 80's days) These were skinned for the new graphics but the fake VAS plates felt clunky so we removed them


K2 5500 67 cm cord length. Seriously, these are  literally one of a kind old straights, a little stiff no side and no edges but these have shared some chairs with some big time skiers

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Pic came out fine.  Got quite the collection there, I owned or managed to demo same breed or close relatives of that stuff.   No, not the K2's,   NO idea what those things are about?

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Were the K2s originally that size or cut down at the tail? If cut down, they could have been used with a ski bob

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The K2's are actually a kids ski with an adult 5500 top trimmed down for layup of a one off pair for his son. My wife taught the young man how to ride a chair and when our son needed skis well, these one offs did the trick and I don't toss much. The K2 indivdual that owns these spent a long time on and off the island during the hey day

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Must see viewing alert:
Thursday 4:15-6:00 AM (EST) on TCMHD channel
1972's one and only Snow Job, starring the great Jean-Claude Killy.

Well...maybe DVR, 4:15AM 😳
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I will definitely get out my Fischer C4 223cm DH skis for a good photo. In the mean time maybe these will suffice: a pair of 220cm Dynamic VR17 DH skis, and a 215cm Rossignol ROC 550 GS skis. https://flic.kr/p/sEQXgW

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do you need/want some replacement heel pieces for the VR's?  I think I may have some.

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