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Here is the collection of mostly snowboards from a home I visited today while working. They had a pair of Northlands in excellent condition as well.












These are C A Lund skis and bindings. Sorry about the bad focus. I was there to work, not to document. :-)

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Originally Posted by CJE911 View Post

That photo is 1974.  Stefano Anzi.  No idea what the binding is ... was there an Italian binding manufacturer back then?  I'm drawing a blank.  Ramy?


Kitzbuhel 1974 Bindings.jpg



Originally Posted by royal View Post

What are the bindings on the Persenico skis held by  #28?  interesting LOOKish turntable heal and toe.  (also markers on the Fischers)



I don't know if anyone ever identified the bindings but I was breezing through a 1977 SKIING mag and saw this. They are Cober C-90 and they are Italian.



click on the image a couple of times for a clearer image


blew it, should have picked the bigger picture option when I loaded

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thanks Joal.  that was still nagging in the back of my mind.  do you think you could try the larger photo option?  I can not read the small print even when I enlarge the pic.


thanks,  Royal

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Cober!  Yes.  I have a fuzzy recollection of the name.  But for poles I think.  Pretty sure I had some Cober racing poles at some point.

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I think this is bigger.



Yes, that's better. Click on the picture and you should get  it

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Sarner line up 1977


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Ski brakes 1975



The Allmat is a little different. The prongs are mounted behind the heel piece with a cable trigger under the boot.

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Couple of finds:



Olin 930's with Geze all-metal 950 binding in great condition plus ski bag, and Hexcel Bluelite II with Spademan's.


950's fit my boots too..........


Olin's are marked with '8' on a sticker. Looks like $8 was too much at the garage sale, but I was willing to venture $5 at the dump. Included ski bag, after all. Oh yeah, and poles. 'Gipron' poles from Italy, clear plastic grips and leather straps.



Ready to race!


Have been looking a long time for a pair of Head Standard's, and very pleased to find these:



Fantastic condition top and bottom, just waiting for leather boots. These probably belonged to a lady or teenager.




And it was springtime half off clearance sale on skis at the thrift shop - $3.

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Spademans in honeycomb cores???eek.gif  Good grief, they must have had a lot of epoxy holding those together or the rider only weighed 80 pounds!

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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

Spademans in honeycomb cores???eek.gif  Good grief, they must have had a lot of epoxy holding those together or the rider only weighed 80 pounds!


Hexel had a very "formal" process for mounting the bindings...after the holes were drilled, you took a bent nail and inserted it in the hole and rotated it bending the internal honeycomb structure away. Then mixed up a two part epoxy, filled the holes, mounted the bindings and turned them upside down while it cured.


Then keep your fingers crossed wink.gif

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I have been looking for some of those 950's...nice find. 

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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post


Even I remember how we used to "size'm up" back in the golden age.


You raise up your arm over your head. The ski tip should come right up to the wrist/hand junction.


Have fun!!! Most of all I remember cold wet feet in lace up double leather boots, cable bindings and wood skis with screw on edges. The term "tune" did not exist outside of racing circles I imagine. Ice, and there was plenty of it in New England in the 60's and 70's was best approached with a "go straight over it and hope for the best".....perhaps out west back then it was all a bit more manageable, I can't say.


Rossi, good description of those days! I grew up skiing Mt. Hood & remember all that, except the ice was more occasional. What we normally had was huge dumps of mashed potatoes; wet and heavy, interspersed with plain old rain (which seemed to occur mostly on those endless race days). None of that deterred us though, skiing was fun (still is). I'm very glad to have learned where every turn was earned.

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The need for speed is timeless. This is a little outside retro parameters but it is Summer after all. This article appeared in Nov 1977 SKI magazine. The waxing concoctions are interesting. 






This engraving is reportedly from a magazine from the 1860s


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Great article.  My money's on the guy on the far side.  How they kept their hats on is a mystery though. 

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Originally Posted by sinbad7 View Post

Great article.  My money's on the guy on the far side.  How they kept their hats on is a mystery though. 


6+ months between baths = hair like glue.

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it was probably not like pictures..only figurative..

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I had those Nordica Polaris' on a pair of k2 pro flex with Look Nevada bindings. That was my heavenly valley gunbarrel set up the first set up that wasn't for racing. So stoked that I pretty much gave up on the whole racing stardom thing and then I really started noticing girls and hanging with the wrong crowd and cutting school on powder days.
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88 mph on a long wood ski with beartrap bindings!  Yikes, I'm thinking "Skiing like our forefathers" might be rougher than I thought!

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Weems posted this on his facebook wall asking who knows who it is.  I think he's trying to stump us on it. 


I thought I'd seen the photo here, but can't find it. 

Can someone enlighten me? 

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Mark Jensen. Don't know anything about him but he is on the cover of SKIING magazine   November 1975.

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Thanks Joal.  That was going to bug me and perhaps keep me from sleeping tonight.  Silly, eh? 


I posted the answer for Weems. 


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I knew I'd seen that in this thread.  You guys never let me down!

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Originally Posted by Joal View Post


The Auburn Ski Club runs a Ski Museum adjacent to Boreal Resort in Tahoe. Looks like they have some interesting stuff...


Featured Exhibits:

  • Auburn Ski Club
  • Snowshoe Thompson
  • California Gold Camps and the Longboard skiers
  • 10th Mountain Division “Ski Troops of World War II”
  • Yosemite Winter Club
  • Sun Valley and Alta Ski Areas
  • U.S. Ski Team and Olympic history
  • 1960 Winter Olympic Games
  • Sugar Bowl
  • Ski Jumpers of the 1930 and 40’s
  • Dodie Post — Olympic skier from Reno, NV.
  • Dick “Maddog” Buek— Legendary skier from Donner Summit
  • Western Ski Hall of Fame
  • Jeff Hamilton — Auburn Ski Club skier, 150 MPH world record speed skier, 1992 Olympic Bronze medalist
  • U. S. Forest Service
  • Roy Mikkelsen — Auburn Ski Club jumper and Olympic ski jumper in 1936
  • Archives and library by appointment
  • Ski Movies dating from 1919
  • Publications: “The Lost Sierra — Gold, Ghosts and Skis”


More info...





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On the "Retro" Skiis topic, i just got back from 2 days at Mt Hotham, first time up in 10 years. 

Skiing my all time favorites, Gold Dynastar Course SL 200's that i bought in 85'. 

The kid operating the chairlift says "they're skinny skis, why dont you try some new skiis, they are much easier than those old things".

Said kid wouldnt have been a twinkle in his old mans eye when i was racing on my Dyna's.


If i wanted it to be easy id just sit in the lodge all day drinking!

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Collectors can you help me find a home for these I have Fischer 1984 RC4  195CM how much can I expect sale them for and where to sale them.

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Finally decided to get out the vintage ski collection as it stands right now and dig out the camera and post some photos:



Starting from the left:


My Mom's old Scott poles (circa 1968 or so) with my Thumb-Buster (TM) Scott grips that I've been using for about 20 years.

Olin Extremes, 180 cm which I've been using ever since the shovel cracks got too bad on my beloved Rossi Freestyles.

Olin Mark IVs, 180 cm which I just got from an ebay auction.  Can't wait to try these baby's out this year...

Rossi ST650s, 175 cm.  these were my Dad's skis which I just liberated from his basement.

Really old Scott steel poles, again from my Dad's basement.


My plan is to transfer the fairly new Salomon bindings from the Extremes to the Mark IVs and use those as my everyday skis.

Transfer the 555s from the Mark IVs to my Dad's skis for a nostalgia cruise down the intermediate slopes.



Now, here are my pride and joys (drum roll please):




I've been through all 157 pages of this post and I haven't seen a pair of these anywhere.  The closest I've seen is from MidWest Pete's collection which has the K2 red boot which was the intermediate K2 boot.  These were the advanced boot.


I purchased these in 1975 for the princely sum of $180 and I've used these every year ever since.  I think K2 only produced the Orange boot for about 2 years which is truly a crime.  These boots are GREAT!!  I hope they last forever because I never want to have to replace them.  They've held strong for 36 skiing seasons, responsive as hell, and comfortable enough to wear all day long.  Unlike the Nordica foam boots I had before these which hurt the parts of my feet which they hadn't yet cut off the blood flow to.  Can't say enough good things about them....


Does anyone on the list recognise the K2 Orange boot or have an ad from Ski or Skiing magazine that they can post?  Love to see something....


Anyway, that's the collection so far.  Still looking for some Rossi Freestyle's or Strato 105s but anything I've seen has either been too beat up or too short.


Stay straight....



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Originally Posted by Mannysf View Post

Collectors can you help me find a home for these I have Fischer 1984 RC4  195CM how much can I expect sale them for and where to sale them.

1) not much and 2) ebay


They aren't particularly notable skis. A mid 70's C4 DH on the otherhand....

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