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that Lech picture is interesting. (I was there then also) back then the peaks in the background are just scenery. today you'd see bootpacks, skin tracks, and linked turns down the chutes.

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more info on marker simplex toes.








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setup instructions for marker simplex.







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For all you youngsters out there...This is what moguls used to look like. Bobbie Burns on Baldy's Lower Holiday, circa 1973.


burns,stenmark poster 001.jpg

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I'm not really certain it was ALWAYS looking like that. I can't figure that part of that hill being the bumps anyone would photograph, as they are not going to ski well (not inviting), even in context of those days, IMO. Lots of "wear and tear" from people not skiing them well, lots of skiers cutting across the fall line. I skied bumps at Stelvio back in the mid 60's, a ski area that in spring is just used by national teams in training, and the bumps were perfectly aligned, not cuts across the fall line at all. The better the skiers, all of them on the hill, the better the bumps is, I guess, what I'm saying, just to be a PIA.

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I admit to generalizing. I started skiing in 1972 and don't have a real memory of the moguls being any particular size or shape. Interesting what you say about the racers making perfectly aligned bumps though. I think the photographer picked that run specifically not to make the skiier look good but the low light angle making the bumps seem more dramatic than they are.  The photographer got exactly what he was looking for, down to the yellow jacket.  

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I started skiing in the mid 70"s, remember the bumps we had during the "short" ski phase? What a mess!

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A few more notes on ballet skis.  Elan also made them (black and lime green).


I scored a pair of k2 244s to replace my beloved Harts.  I found a huge stash of ballets in Germany, but shipping is prohibitively expensive given the ski prices.  The k2s should do quite well with Salomon T12 bindings.  Just lock'em down till they won't release during tip tricks!



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more marker rotamat binding info.









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rotamat continued









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rotamat continued 2  the longthong





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David Mt Baldy standing looking down the slalom course [800x600] [800x600] [1024x768].bmpIn the mid 60's I had a long thong heel plate that was not a safety heel piece (it precedes rotomat above). It had a 'buckle' that wrapped around the heel of the soul, you snapped it shut pushing it toward the heel. No  springs or cables. The leather long thong had a lot of racing vibe. And your contact with the ski was positive. wink.gifeek.gif  The rotomat long thong heel does not have the panache', just doesn't. At that time, racing pants had a broad contrasting stripe down the side.


Note: when safety bindings had a clamp in front of the toe piece and a cable extending behind the heel, racers employed a better devise for positive contact with the ski. A plate was installed on the toe of the boot. The plate had a hole in the center that was aligned with a fixed horizontal pin on the ski. For the heel piece, D-rings were screwed to the sidewall of the ski next to the heel of the boot. A very long thong was wrapped three times around and through and the heel attachment was complete. TOTAL. It was, reasonably, called the suicide binding. "Oh, dad, please, can I have a suicide binding on my new skis? They are the coolest!"  We had these in Alaska, late 50's. I don't know if they were ever used in Europe. anyone know? 

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Those long thongs were the rage. When wrapped tight enough, they added support to the floppy leather boots.

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I had this photo without the Sun Valley printed on it for years! I ripped it out of a calendar.  Loved it. That's what I really loved about skiing back then. I always thought they were eastern bumps...hehe...

The multiple reproduction and angle doesn't do it justice.

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For all you youngsters out there...This is what moguls used to look like. Bobbie Burns on Baldy's Lower Holiday, circa 1973.


burns,stenmark poster 001.jpg


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Marker, early Simplex toe....



Marker ealy simplex toe.jpg

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I had these on my green Kazama's in 71/72?

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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post

Originally Posted by Atomicman View Post
Mine were definetly black, maybe i didn't get the Javelins 'til ';69 or '70.


Could these be the ones??? I believe these were the very first of the 500 series bindings

yup, I had these 500's on my green Kazama's 70/71/72?


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Here's one for the ladies!

1968 Lady Lange Competite. The first woman's specific ski boot?


Lady Lange Competite 1968.jpg

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I can see Russian women going absolutely wild for them.  "Very nice for evening wear"

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more marker heal stuff.







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Thanks for posting all that great Marker info!

I've got both the LDR and Snaplocks in the collection but never knew the Marker names for them. redface.gif


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A pair of early double pivot toe pieces.


Look representing France


Marker carrying the flag for Germany






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1990-91 anyone?



Ski Colors.jpg

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There's only one thing that outfit needs more of...




Just imagine if you had to wear those fashions forever?


( Why I'm not a big fan of ink! ;-)

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And now we set the time machine to 1968...



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Originally Posted by jc-ski View Post

And now we set the time machine to 1968...



I'm loving the Volkl Zebras !

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i had the rachle flexon comps.  also skied in what i think was the first rear-entry boot... the one-buckle (behind calf) Scott boots (white and black)

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rossignol Strato guts.





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Originally Posted by Sinecure View Post

1990-91 anyone?



Ski Colors.jpg

Everything comes back around, even when it shouldn't






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Aaaaaaa....... Examples of what not to wear even if they are free? It could be out of desperation also. Because you fell asleep and forgot the wash your nice stuff.

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