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NH conditions

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Hoping to get in some spring skiing this weekend - any comment on H conditions, esp Cannon?
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I don't know about Cannon but I was at Waterville Valley last Friday and the conditions were definitely not spring skiing! More like mid winter very snowy conditions.
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I skied Attitash last weekend, they still have plenty of coverage everywhere including in the woods... I think they may have closed the Bear Peak side this week but plan on reopening it this weekend. As long as it's not actively raining there should be some good turns to still be had!
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Well, it snowed all morning here in Ashland NH, about a half hour south of Cannon (only an inch or so here of wet). There's a lot of snow around, maybe 2-3 ft or more in the woods. I didn't ski Cannon last weekend but I wouldn't expect a lack of snow , although you probably know Cannon can be weird. I imagine its still great skiing although I suppose it will depend upon the weather. It may be snowing, raining or the sun may come out. I'd go for it!
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I hope you did get to Cannon Sunday because it was great skiing and a beautiful sunny day as well.
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yep. Classic NE spring day - frozen solid with a mm of soft until 11, several hours of uncrowded corn, and then slush. $30 ticket, plenty of cover, great views, and they are open next weekend.
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