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Is mugul skiing cool anymore?

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I was over on the maggots forum, and someone posted a question about moguls. The first person to respond opined:

"F****ng JONG!"

Is this a trend, or was this guy just being a jackass?
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I like to ski moguls, and I am a dork. Do the math.
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Gool mogul skiing is classic. It never goes out of style. : : :
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Originally posted by Brokedown Palace:
The first person to respond opined:

"F****ng JONG!"

Is this a trend?
Yes, this is a trend on some sites to respond to newcomers in a friendly and welcoming way, it is the shoot first, ask questions later concept, similar to "blue on blue"
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What is "Jong?"
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Mogul skiing has probably been eclipsed by the terrain park in terms of "coolness". You don't see many clips of bumps anymore in todays ski porn. That said, it is still nice to see someone rip a sweet line in the bumps.
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I'll give the rest of you some advice maggot style. [img]smile.gif[/img]

That forum has become more narrowly oriented which is what they want. They have always discouraged posting of inane threads by Gapers. Especially those who post in a manner that is not seen as a cool style. You have to understand they don't want members or visitors who are ignorant of what is cool which is not unlike one will find in many other web sites for core enthusiasts whatever the subject. Anyone who does not regularly post and is sensed by the others as not one of the regular accepted maggots cannot just go in and post a serious thread. Even if it is similar to ones they themselves occasionally post or you will be jonged which is one of their favorite pastimes. Recently they have been increasingly invaded by juveniles from the freeze magazine website which is much more crude which has caused a mini civil war. Many of them are more interested in practicing their jong mutilating skills so that is the way it is.

Now all a newbie needs to do is search over there for "welcome wagon" which is a long thread to acclimatize of all you JONGs aka JerkOff Newbie Gapers.

[ November 10, 2003, 09:47 AM: Message edited by: dave_SSS ]
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Now as for the whether moguls are still cool? Read what Plake said in my old 2001 post at:


As Plake related, mogul are ALWAYS going to be part of challenging steeper slopes at resorts so skiers whether they like them or not have to deal with them. Few skiers ever really ski bumps well at the level one is enjoying them and smooth. Always been that way and always will. It is certainly one of the most difficult skills to attain in any sport. Once you get there it will never be un-cool. -dave
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Moguls are the best place to get a real challenge. In the Midwest specifically in Wisconsin they are the best place to challenge myself.
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In a word: Yes.
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When I can finally ski moguls (not just get through them, survival mode) I will feel like I'm finally beginning to get the hang of this skiing stuff.
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Is that the latest excuse for going around 'em--that moguls are uncool? I'll give points for creativity if so.
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fo shizzle dave_sss - big props for the JONKs 411

(you gotta talk like that to be COOL on those other boards..

moguls... I never thought of them in terms of cool or not cool.

moguls = HARD

here in the east the grizzly old timers in their flannel and carhardt jumpsuits have a laugh when they cut and name trails... one of my all-time dreaded trails is CHIN CLIP at Stowe. Bet you can guess how it earned it's name... if you can't - head down to the NO-Tooth Tavern for a beer and ask the locals.

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Yep! Not only is 'cool' but its an art form.

Just give it a couple of years and there'll be bumps in the bottom of the halfpipe and in the transition areas between jumps as a way of spicing things up a bit! Then we'll see that the park skiers too are truely rounded skiers.
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Is mogul skiing cool anymore?

No. At least not here. Last season they held the umpteenth annual mogul comp. 8 competitors showed up, and they outnumbered the spectators. Oddly enough, in my travels over the last few seasons, I have noticed that they are still cool in some places. Sun Valley still had people skiing mogul lines. Sun Valley, however, is also not cool. I would suspect that the east also has a stronger mogul culture-it always has.

Right now, jibbing and big mountain are cool. As is a new new school style that doesn't even have a name yet. It involves bench drops, spine transfers, kicking lateral fins and the like.
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bumps and trees are the only things that keep me interested in skiing. speed, carving, and air are great, but bumps are what i personally like. steeps make it all the better.
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For me, moguls are the underworld showing through, to be avoided at all costs!

But there is a more preliminaty consideration here
: Is it still cool to want to be cool? Maybe the coolest thing is to not care if it's cool -- do it if you like it.
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It's simple. Here in the east the hardest runs are the steep mogul runs. Groom them and they become easy. The west side of Hunter mountain has some of the steeper iciest bump runs around. No one flys down them easily. Plake said it right. You will find the best skiers in the bumps. Try outer limits at killington for proof.
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mogul skiing is like singing karaoke, if you can do it with style and grace, grab the mike, if you're going to make an ass of yourself, then go back to the bar and hang out with the others.
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Sak - I'm going to share that one with the ex-pats I work with. GREAT!
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What's a mugul?
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Originally posted by Ugli Pupferknick:
What's a mugul?
Isn't that a non-wizard in Harry Potter-land?
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[][/quote]Isn't that a non-wizard in Harry Potter-land?[/QB][/quote] Yeah... I hear the next harry potter movie has some pretty good skiing scenes in it... I can't wait

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Mogul skiing is only not cool to those who can't do it.

[ November 11, 2003, 10:15 PM: Message edited by: moskier ]
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Originally posted by moskier:
Mogul skiing is only not cool to those who can't do it.
I don't think ability or inability has anything to do with what is popular. Just because nordic skiing isn't "cool" doesn't mean people can't do it.

Personally, I find moguls easy-to the point of not being terribly interesting. I have been working on techniques to make them more interesting. I tried skiing them switch, but it's really jarring and hard to keep fore-aft balance. Over the last few years I've been trying a technique where I launch from the tops of moguls and try to land on a downslope, steering through the next trough, then launching again. I starting doing that because my fat skis just won't pulla zipper line at speed. Now I notice that Skiing ran a short by Kirsten Ulmer where she refers to that technique (used in "crud piles")as "doubling". And here I thought I was inventing something.

One other change that may make mogul skiing (ie "freestyle")bounce back (in coolness) is the change in FIS rules that open freestyle to freeriding type tricks.
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It depends. If you can ski moguls and your spouse can't then sking moguls could be cool because you get to ski without your spouse. Unless of course you like skiing every run with your spouse in which case ...... I forget the point I was trying to make here. Oh yeah . Is skiing moguls cool? Answer if you have to ask then I guess you will never know.
BTW those 205 CM skis in east coast bumps are definitly not cool.
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I think moguls skiing is still kinda cool...that is, it really doesn't seem that popular anymore...but I still respect the skill required to ski them really well.

However, I find that any slope where snowboarding and moguls are both present will have a pretty lame mogul field. Snowboarders can wreck what would otherwise be a beautiful, symetrically spaced mogul field. Once that is the case, the finesse and fun of skiing moguls is lost for me.
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Where is it you ski?

My pass resort is thick with boarders. It and other Tahoe resorts I ski at don't have any problems with boarders on mogul slopes. Generally both boarders and skiers that don't have a good bump technique (by far most) tend to scrape at bumps making them more smooth. My favorite day at any resort to rip in bumps is on Saturdays when lots of skiers and boarders are mining up the loose snow on such slopes. -dave
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Has anyone ever hiked to ski moguls?
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A bunch of us hiked at Alta to ski bumps at last year's gathering.
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