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upgrade to new bindings for my monster m77

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I bought an almost 'new' demo pair of skis while up at sunpeaks (bc) a few weeks ago and the bindings that come with them are the Tyrolia SP100...is there a lighter binding that would help with the weight/efficiency of these skis which are monster m77, lenght is 163...I'm
185 (getting down to 165 shortly) and was told to stick with bindings that represent my din (around 6 or so)...someone at a ski shop suggested some head lx20 (??) binding that would save 1 lb of weight.

any other useful suggestions? I'm still just a good beginner but next year plan to ski alot more (20-30x)...was off of skis for 15 yrs and wow do the newer shapes really rock and make the learning curve that much quicker and enjoyable!
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You could switch to the RailFlex bindings, which came on many of the iM77s as a system, but I don't think it would save a lot of weight. The next alternative would be something like a Tyrolia LD-12. The standard brake version just barely fits on the iM77. I probably wouldn't mess with it in your case -- just ski the demo bindings.
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Railflex won't work on a ski with the SP100 bindings as the SP100 is not a railflex binding so is not mounted on a railflex plate. Although the IM77 did come with a railflex plate many of the demos were delivered early with no plate - probably the case in your instance.

I am guessing that the SP100 binding is "flat mounted" on your ski. That means holes drilled directly in the ski as opposed to a binding mounted on a pre drilled plate. If this is the case an LD12 will most likely require drilling new holes in your ski and filling the existing holes.

Anther consideration is the cost of a new binding at over $100 as opposed to the bindings you already have.

The SP100 is a pretty good binding and having a DIN up to 10 is a good binding for a 185 lb skier currently skiing at DIN 6.

Unless you are planning to add a plate to enhance the carving experience I would stick with the bindings you have. If adding a plate you can add the Carve13 plate and still use the same bindings.

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thanks to both responders....appreciated!
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Mike, I was assuming he would take off the SP100s and install a RF plate (which comes with the RF bindings, or is $10 otherwise). That would put him on par with one of the stock iM77 setups. The 77s were also sold flat in the earlier model years.
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