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Best run of the Year at Mary Jane 3/31/08 - sorry no pics

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What a day. Took Monday off months ago and I picked a good one. Reported 9 inches, more like 12 inches and more falling noon onwards. Nobody at the mt yesterday. Parked right at the base and was on the lift just after nine. All my runs were fresh powder all day long. Got back to the 6 pack and had four runs down the new gladed area and in Johnston Junction. Very windy up top, prob up to 60 mph. Windblown snow in the bowl and fresh (but heavy for Colorado) powder everywhere else.

I had a great day skiing off Eagle Wind about two weeks before in 6-7 inches and wanted to try Belle Fourche off the Parsons cattrack as I had missed the entrance last time. Brutal winds and blowing snow on top. Snow blowing up my nose and making me tear. Had to have my back to the wind and ski almost sideways. Found the entrance and travesred down to it. Saw thee ski patrol and two ski school people ahead of me. The ski patrol was just opening the trail up and said it was fine to ski. They took the upper traverse and the instructors took a lower traverse. Asked the instructors if I could ski with them and they graciously said sure.

The trail wa a little less steep then Medicine Man or Black Coal and it is longer (or so it seemed). All fresh tracks going down the glades, prob about a foot or so. I really nailed this run well, pretty psyched to have complete fresh tracks and only 5 runs under my belt for the day so my legs were strong. Following (slightly to the side) of two very acomplished skiers who know the mt so well was very exhilerating and with little fear of hitting some unknown cliff/rock outcropping - as it got tight I followed their line into the next open area. Every run should be this good!!

On the lift back up I found out that I was skiing with Bob Barnes (of WP, not Keystone) and Jen Metz. Both very nice, friendly, outgoing and superb skiers having lots of fun in the fresh snow. They invited me to ski more with them. Next up a bit more steep and again all fresh tracks. I think this line was in Medicine Man/Black Coal. Prob 40-45 degree and tighter. Had some problems here as my comfort zone in glades is below 40 degree's. They ski soo smoooth, and they don't stop. Boy, were my legs burning by the end. One more run and they were way ahead and I was clearly not of the same caliber (actually this was very clear from the start, but more exaggerated on tighter, steeper slopes). Thanks to Bob and Jen for gracioulsy allowing me to ski with them and showing me some lines I might not have found and how smooth and fun skiing in powder/glades can be.

Did another 9 runs or so before having to split to pick up my daughter from school. Did every run in there. Left Hand is mellower then Black Coal but shorter too. Thunderbird is less steep still and more open. Short nose was rarely skied yesterday as was Little Raven - lots of fresh tracks all day. :

That run down Bell Fourche was pristine. Fresh powder, beautiful glades, great skiers and nobody else around. Also helpd that I skied it as best as I could. It feels so great to really nail a run like this one. This was my best run of the year and my best day this year as well. 15-16 runs all with fresh tracks. A great birthday present to myself.
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Sweet report

Wish there were pics but if I had been trying to keep up with BB I wouldn't have pulled out the camera either
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wasn't even an option, memory card was full so I left it at home. But you are right, I would've had no time to stop and take pics
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