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Rusty Jackts

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The Boston Mills/Brandywine Ski Patrol here in sunny Cleveland, OH is going Red.
We have an pretty good inventory of never worn Mountain Uniforms Rust coats and vests. (50 coats and vests, and a couple pairs of pants.)

I'd love to find a home for them en masse, but will sell 'em off individually. Pricing TBD. (coats new from MU are $189, vests $79)

Rather than list all the sizes and quantities here, email me (preferred) or call for what we have.

Rick Kirby
cell 330 241 3818
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I'll take one of the vests in size L if you feel like making a donation. It would be fun to have for retro day. No way our Patrol director would let me wear it any other day (and he may even take issue with it then, but if I don't tell him in advance I can probably get away with it for a day).
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