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Dandelion Season!

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It's a drag that the recent 90 degree temps slammed the door on spring skiing here in the Northeast, but there are things to look forward to! And as I convalesce in the beautiful Finger Lakes of Upstate New York, I find that I've timed my injury just right to be here for the appearance of the unjustly maligned and persecuted, but thoroughly delicious and nutritious DANDELION.

This afternoon, my mother and I scoured our front and back yard (she picked, I hobbled around on my crutches and watched) for an hour and bagged a huge bowlful of these succulent leaves. You gotta get 'em right now, while they're still small and tender, because next week the telltale yellow flower will appear, and that means it's all over: the leaves become big, tough, and sour beyond belief.

In addition to their exquisite taste and texture, dandelions are extremely nutritious (very high in iron), a natural diuretic (hence the French term "pisse-en-lit"), and contribute to a fantastic salad (throw some anchovies in for a real treat).

And the fact that dandelion season only lasts about seven days makes it even more special.

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cool...but have you made a dandelion chain yet ?
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dandylion wine......

i used to have a pony named dandylion.
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Originally posted by Sugar_Snack:
dandylion wine......

i used to have a pony named dandylion.
Hey...didn't they tell you not to take your vicodin with a manhatten? "I used to have a pony named Dandylion"????? Save me.
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Give that morphine drip another squeeze...
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(Morel) mushrooms are my short-season choice of salad fixins.

Just watch that you pick the right ones.
Some mushrooms makes ya silly.
Or so I heard. [img]smile.gif[/img]

PS. You doin better JD? :
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Things must be really bad back East. I'm going skiing Saturday. My sympathies.
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You mean your ski season is over?

I'm just back from a morning of skiing.

OK, it was indoors. [img]smile.gif[/img]

And it was short

But it was skiing, and that's what matters.

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Does MK do some sort of season ticket?
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It does a variety of tickets - monthly, season, annual, etc, but at the minute, I can't guarantee having enough days off in any month to make it worth while, and it's a 2 hour round trip to get there.

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In my corner, we have:

1 Temps in the low 40s F
2 Not a lot of sun
3 Quite a lot of wind
4 A fair bit of cloud
5 And no snow at all (indoor, outdoor or any other door)

And I don't think we've got any ripening dandelions either, as a result of Nos 1-4.

We do have a lot of sand, though. Anyone got any new and interesting uses for sand (within the confines of 1-4)?
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Originally posted by irul&ublo:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Sugar_Snack:
dandylion wine......

i used to have a pony named dandylion.
Hey...didn't they tell you not to take your vicodin with a manhatten? "I used to have a pony named Dandylion"????? Save me.</font>[/quote]lol! yeah i guess that does sound a bit drug induced. sigh.....maybe i should take some more....
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Thanks for bringing back a great memory. My grandma and I used to pick and cook dandelion green every spring. [img]smile.gif[/img]

As for the ski season, BadRat, Ryel and I hooked up Thursday for some Epic spring skiing. Up at the higher elevations the snow was 5” of fresh and heavy Cascade Concrete over hardpan. In a few steep areas I was able to get some powder shots up over my knees!!! Down low it was Spring Corn. All in all, it was a great ski day and a nice chance for the three of us to meet. Which reminds me, Ryel has a picture of the three of us. I should pester him to post it here.

Best wishes on a speedy recovery.
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You could steep a cuppa heather tea!! It's whatcha got, girl, use it. :

As for the sand-- make some of those miniature sandboxes that go on your desk at work and put a tiny rake and hoe (the tool, not the woman) in it and make psychedelic designs in the sand while your mind wanders aimlessly from cubicle wall to cubicle wall while the minutes blend into hours, then days, then months; and when the years wear your body down to a whithered shell you can look at your sandbox and wonder why you didn't have a mallet to pound sand up your boss's..

Sorry. Some kind of trance. I'm back.

Wasting hours in Epicski forums helped me get on my feet after my surgery. Why, I was tossing the crutches the second day, so intense was the desire to start walking and recover so I could ski again (among other things). Feel free to waste many hours here and post many useful (and silly) things. There is a wonderful variety of people here who enjoy many different things.
I have dandelions. They have flowers already.

Now they're just weeds

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