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So what's the deal with Blizzard? They make a lot of models that are universally well reviewed, and they seem to have a big following in Europe. However in the US (at least on the East coast), they seem to be a little lean on publicity and are not widely distributed. Just take a look at the authorized dealers for the Northeast listed on their website. Makes it hard to demo them.

I actually recall Volkl being in a very similar position many years back, and now they are hugely popular.

I'm hearing a little more buzz about Blizzard these days, and I'm wondering if they are gearing up for some market expansion?
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Blizzard is now owned by the Tecnica group, which means it's in the same stable as Tecnica, Nordica and Dolomite, among others. The Tecnica group, at least in Europe, also distributes Volkl and Marker, though I suspect that may change now that Volkl is owned by the same company as K2 (and Marker; Jarden group, I believe).

I expect to see a lot of Blizzard/Tecnica-sponsored athletes on the World Cup before long (I think Herbst and Herscher of the Austrian team already have this setup). I've also heard that Nordica's top-line skis will now all be produced at the Blizzard factory in Austria.

I'd guess that the acquisition by Tecnica group means Blizzard will either have a much higher profile in the future or disappear altogether as a brand.

The skis have a great reputation (as well as a bit of a following here on Epic), but have never broken out in terms of mass market sales. Tecnica's a formidable force here in Europe, particularly in Italy. I expect to see a lot more of Blizzard here, especially as some other brands (Rossignol, Salomon) appear to be on the wane.
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