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General opinions on re-using wax

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I am designing an alternative wax iron for my final year Industrial Design Engineering project. It features a way to strain and re-use scraped wax so that it is free from dirt particles.

I think this is quite a nice selling feature but I understand that experienced tuners may be completely opposed to the idea. So I was wondering if you would want to reuse your wax in this way, or not, and why?

Also, I have just recently found out about the old Toko Magic Waxer, but cant find any images or information about it. Does anyone have one or know where I can find more information on it (I have emailed toko - no reply yet)

Thanks for your help

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Although conserving any way we can is a good idea, there is little incentive to reuse wax as I can see it for most tuners. It's cheap, thickness and waste can be controlled and there is a perception, and possible reality, that contaminants would be retained. There is more than dirt that would need to be filtered or strained. How much time, convenience, cost and addition of steps added (or reduced) to the process are also pros or cons.
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If the wax can be effectively filtered I see no problems with reusing it (provided it did not get burnt). But to paraphrase Alpinord, basically its probably more trouble than its worth.

For a shop it might be a good idea though, since they go through much more wax than even those of us with the biggest of quivers.
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One other issue is many times serious tuners (shops doing general public skis could be different) are not using the same wax each time. The extra wax ends up being a little bit of cold wax, alot of warmer wax, some cheap storage/cleaning wax, some high flouro, some lower flouro or even hydrocarbon wax. So even if you can get the dirt and all out the end result is probably a mixture of wax that would only be good for storage or other usage. Cheap storage wax in bulk is maybe running $10 depending on the brand and quantity sold (and enough for probably 10 pairs or more of skis) so is it worth the $1 for cost and effort of reusing and recycling?
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Not really sure why, but if you want, why not?

Keep in mind that I doubt you'll be able to filter out the dirt, sap, diesel (yes, diesel from snow cat exhaust), etc. fine dirt particles. You will get the metal scrapings, p-tex and crap from the tuning table, but I doubt you'll get the really dissolved dirt.
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The tree-hugging, environmental, granola-cruncher in me says hell yeah, recycle that fluorocarbon-laden waste!
The realistic ski tuner in me says what the heck for? Wax is cheap!
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I wouldnt say wax is cheap...at least not the ones I buy, but then again my best waxes are used for my best skis, in which casae I dont think I would be willing to reuse them, at least on those skis...but then again I could use the recycled wax as storage wax or hot scrapping wax if nothing else.
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