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Colorado TR: Breck, A-Basin, Loveland (lots of photos)

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I just returned from spending a week in Summit County skiing. The weather was beautiful, but there was a significant lack of new snow while we were there. Most everything was wind packed and heavily trafficked but there were stashes of wind-blown powder to be found. Fortunately the lack of snow made most everything very stable so no part of any mountain was closed the entire time we were there. Sadly it dumped the day we left.

Here is the crew (all racers):
Left to Right = Mike, Frank, Joel (front), me, Chris (younger brother).


Missing from that photo is HeluvaDad (some may remember him from LGC3). We spent the week trying to keep up with HeluvaDad (no joke). The guy is in better shape than he was last year when we were there.

Joel is the one from the group who is pretty sure he can fly. If there was a competition that combined big air competitions, powder skiing, and downhill he'd be first in line.

Here is Chris. Chris doesn't like to turn unless he absolutely has to, and even then he debates whether it is really necessary or not. He became famous on this trip for skiing Peak 7 at Breckenridge from the top to the bottom in a scant 7 turns. We had to tell him later that he was allowed to make more turns than the peak was numbered.

Mike skied on the Syracuse ski team when we were all in college. For those who don't know - Syracuse has one of the best teams in the country. This guy can ski. If you ask one of our other attendees, he can also pick up all of your equipment after it was been scattered down a treeless bowl too.

Frank is a go anywhere, do anything kind of skier. This was Franks first experience out west when he wasn't on race skis, so we had to show him around a bit. By the looks of things I think he was enjoying himself.

HeluvaGirl (Kathleen) also joined us for the week but didn't follow us everywhere we went. This was her first trip out west after only about 45 days of skiing in her life. Not too bad.

Then there is me. I got to chase these guys around for a week. They are definitely the strongest group of skiers I have ever skied with. Okay, so I've skied with these guys for a good portion of my skiing career, but it is rare that we all convene at the same place out west for a week. Here I am at the top of peak 8 at Breck.

More to come...


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Pics from A-Basin:

Joel doing a small huck:

Joel landing:

Chris on the Pali Face:

Nice shot from the Pali Trees:

Me just prior to take-off:

Another one:

This is probably my favorite from the entire trip:

Tip Grab:

Mike ripping it up:
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More A-Basin...

HeluvaDad again:

Fun Sequence:

Joel airing it out between turns too:

We found a some soft snow:

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Great hiking pic:

Everyone needs a picture of a sign.

Or with a sign... not sure why it is there though. It really messes up the view.

Chris ripping:


By all accounts I should not have walked away from this little experiment. This is the result of going way too fast for the snow conditions...

Somehow I pulled it out though...
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Really nice shots Greg

One of them even has something vaguely resembling moguls:
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After nearly killing myself in patrol bowl at Loveland I decided that maybe the remainder of my day should be spent carving where the likelihood of me killing myself was much less...

If only the camera had been in front of this turn...

Chris ripping some arcs:

Chris snowing some skiers...

Will post Breck pics tomorrow.
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Here is a nice evening picture in town:

Joel, meet tree. Tree, meet Joel.
Yes, he hit it. Yes, he smelled like a pine tree for the rest of the day. He broke his helmet in the process actually. I found a use for full face helmets... they are for when you knock down trees with your face.

Chris peering over the edge of the Lake Chutes while I talk to patrol about which line is skiing the best.

More Lake Chutes:

Going up...

Skis at lunch.

Sitting toward the top of peak 7 in a flat area...




Chris on his 7 turn run down Peak 7:


Frank falling... We estimate about 500+ feet of vertical that he tomahawked down.

Last one:
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awesome pics, awesome carving, awesome skiing!
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Awesome trip! Great photos. Looks like a fun time-- the best days are when a bunch of good skiers are pushing each other!

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Looks great Greg! Glad to see you left the baggy shorts at home!!
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Wow! That's awesome. A little painful to look out while I'm sitting here driving my desk. The only thing that I have to look forward to today is the arrival of UPS with some equipment that I ordered on some season ending sales.
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Thanks everyone. We had a blast out there.

I almost forgot. Chris and I took a morning and ran some Nastar gates. Here are the results.

We also met up with Fastman and LT.

We hiked the course. Once.

This is what it looks like to beat your brother in a race.

Speaking of races - does anyone from Loveland know what the heck this course-set of death is for? I hope it is patrol training. Those who are familiar with chair 1 at Loveland know how steep this is...

Ahhhhh. Vail. A great place for lunch, but I wouldn't want to ski there.
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Originally Posted by SJB View Post
Looks great Greg! Glad to see you left the baggy shorts at home!!
They wouldn't fit in the luggage.
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Nice trip Greg. Sure wish i could have been there with you guys. There's always next year I guess.
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Looks like a good time!
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Wow. I'm REALLY sorry I missed this outing. You guys shredded that place.
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nice pics

Great photos. I have to say all the branches around his feet in the tree accident are hilarious. Glad he was alright. You'll were ripping.
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