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Back in January I posted a thread asking for input about what to consider if I was loooking at Volkl or Dynastar- wanting to go to an all mountain ski that might be softer than the Race Tigers SL, 160 I am currently skiing on.

Just wanted to let people know- in case it helps anyone else with the leap from race edge hold to "All Mountain"- I went with the AC 40 of Volkl, 163 and have found some of the problems I had in making the Race Tiger, SL into an all mountain ski were mitigated- I ski Jay Peak (VT) where we have our share of snow but also ice and this past weekned, the AC 40s on a hard snow and boiler plate steep pitch were as good as what I would have looked for from my Tigers. They were also great in older but deep snow of the woods. I would highly reccommend them for someone as long as you are an active driver of the ski. Along for the ride- these might be a bucking bronco!! From a commited race oriented performance ski skier, I was more than happy!!