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Just got back from Okemo

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Boy were we lucky...Vermont (and the whole east coast) has been in a drout, but Uler was smiling on us and gave us 14-16" of fresh the night we arrived. We stayed slopeside on solitude...I mean slopeside..if we were any closer it would have been slopecenter. We skied 4 days and got teh first chair every day... from fresh tracks in powder to fresh tracks on cordoroy. The glades (Forrest Bump, Outrage, Double Diamond and loose Spruce) were all [ ]"closed"[/ ] and were a blast. I met up with Hugo, another Barking Bear on Wednesday and we made some turns. He helped me get out of my wedge . I had fum with a fellow bear. Okemos groomers were a fun place to get out the Elan Stealths, they ripped. Bumps on Nor'Easter were good and turned the first 'copters on the year, I am getting too old for this :.

All in all a good ski week, we were lucky with the weather.
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Phil needs no help from this aging Bear. This man "rips" and is hard to keep up with. Luckily, he leaves perfect railroad tracks in the snow, and is easy to follow.
Despite my misgivings about the predicted snowfall, the snow gods smiled on southern Vermont and gave Okemo, and several other areas, perfect mid-winter conditions. Personally, I think we owe it all to Phil. All I can say is, "When ya comin' back?"
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I am available for weddings, birthdays, Bah-Mitvahs, conceptions and first tracks.
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Sounds like a fun time! I'm off to Bromley for my first Vt. ski trip. Can't wait. I'm looking forward to longer runs so I can really work on form, linking turns, etc. Hope we get some decent weather (looks good so far!). (For all you young experts out there, its fun to learn in your 40s! Just sorry I couldn't start till now.)
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Have fun at Bromley. The weather looks cooperative, with some new flurries every day. And Welcome, Beginner!
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Oh man I am pumped now.
Last minute trip just got planned for this weekend to the Bush, Mad River and Okemo I think. I am ready to rip the bumps and hit some flips and spins.
See you out there.
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Yep, beginner, it sure is fun to learn in your 40s! Quite a bit harder than learning in your 30s, but really satisfying! this is the stuff that will keep you young!

Phil, how did Lola like the workshop? Did they have the drawing for the snow blades?
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