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Michigan is kinda like Minnesota, but on a bigger scale. Once it snows, they PACK IT DOWN, and you don't really get the "off piste experience" you might elsewhere. Coverage is usually pretty good because the first layer is usually man-made, and it covers a very large % of the resort.
It depends on where you go and what trails you ski. Nubs, for instance, has lots of gladed areas that never see a groomer ("lots" by flyover-country standards anyway). Caberfae lets most of the South Peak stay au-natural. The Porkies and Mt Bohemia have no snowmaking at all, and I'm not sure Boho even owns a groomer.

That said, you're right about the groomed trails. A thick base of manmade that's squashed down on a regular basis makes for little chance of base damage if you stay on the groomed. The fact that it's grass instead of rocks underneath adds a layer of insurance for when you do find a thin spot.
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Wait, the SHOP did that while they were in their posession? That's a huge coreshot! I'm having trouble imagining how that could even happen if nobody was skiing on them... I'd say if you don't have a longstanding relationship with this shop, take them elsewhere from now on if they can't at least keep your equipment safe while they're supposed to be making it last, or at least 'fess up when they do mess something up. Good luck!
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I do a lot of base repairs.... remember that there are a lot of types of p-tex repair materials. Generally, p-tex does not adhere to metal. So, you need some kind of special adhering p-tex, like:

P-tex does not bond well to steel, aluminum, wood, or fiberglass...so if you get a deep gouges that expose core material, or are along steel edges, it won't stay in place. This Metalgrip string is a mix of polyethylene and heat-sensitive adhesive which is ironed (using a base repair iron or pistol above) into core-shot gouges or along steel edges. Use the string to fill half of the repair area, then apply standard p-tex base repair material over the top for a finished repair.It is 3mm in diameter, and comes in a 10' roll. Metalgrip is more rubbery in texture than p-tex, and requires a very sharp tool (we recommend a versaplane or pansar file) to cleanly cut off excess repair material. Available in clear or black.
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