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Can you give a Gurl some help?

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OK, you all be nice to me. I'm new at this and I'm gonna need a lot of help. I haven't skiied for 5 years (college & exboyfriend kept me away) but i'm ready to get back to it and have some fun again for a change! I'm kind of a good skier, got my red-patch in high school and used to hang out in the moguls cuz that's where all the hot guys were. I learned how to ski them pretty good out of neccesity. Now I need to buy new equipment and learn how to do it all over again I guess. My old skis were not the shape skis and i think from what everyone tells me that is what I need and then I'll need some tips on how to learn the new technique. It's amazing how can get old and out of touch in such a hurry. They tell me that I need everything except new boots. Even my favorite ski pants have to be replaced in favor of the new baggy look. But I'll save those for a special occasion! So my questions to the group are:
#1 What equipment should I buy? My old skis are olin and I hear they are so 1990's. Do I want shape skis if I ski moguls?

#2 What do the hot girls ski in now days, last time I went to the ski hill everyone looked like the kid from "A christmas story". I can't do that!

#3 What else has changed in 5 years.

#4 I want to take a good ski trip this year, where are the best places for a gurl like me to go? I want lots of nightlife, sunshine and not expensive.

Hope I posted this in the right place.

Be nice!


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Hi Jen, Welcome to epic. I'll let others give you advice on ski equipment. But where do you ski in Mid-Michigan? I went to MSU before moving out here, so its nice to see others from that area that love skiing.
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#1 Get some of last years Volant Epic T3's - you'll be back to your old self in no time.

#4 Not sure just what "kind of girl" you are but I recommend Whistler. Just remember when you go into those nightclubs to have a tank top on under your sweater. It gets plenty hot in there!
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#1 171 cm Salomon Teneighty
#2 DNA Helly Hansen
#3 On average I find people ski faster, carve turns, and catch more air (without their passes being revoked)
#4 Whistler-Blackcomb

Also people are more succinct in their replies.
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Well, this is how the folks in Vermont are dressing. Plus a gratuitous shot of my personal favorite who doesn't ski at MRG but would fit right in and another who calls it her home mountain.

By the way...
If you still HAVE your old gear, why not use it?
I mean, it's ain't broke, is it?

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Originally posted by Sugar_Snack:
#4 Not sure just what "kind of girl" you are but I recommend Whistler.
Good choice, but maybe not the best place to find lots of sunshine.

As far as new equipment: just use your old stuff. It worked for you before, didn't it? When you get back into it you can start to buy some new stuff, but your old stuff will do you just fine for now.
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Hi JenGurl--welcome to EpicSki!

First of all, good job on getting rid of any old boy "friend" who kept you out of skiing. We're all glad you got THAT problem solved!

Second, though, don't be afraid to jump right back in to the sport. Five years isn't that long, and as others have said, your "old" equipment will work just as well as it did back then. I'll bet you'll surprise yourself with how few runs it takes to get right back into skiing. DO have your bindings checked by a good shop first to make sure they're working right, and have your skis tuned up too while they're there.

No matter what anyone says, techniques of good skiing have not changed as much you may have been told, even with the new skis. You WILL probably want to get some new stuff fairly soon--it's a lot better. But if your technique was sound before, it will work even better on the new skis.

After a day or two back on the skis (and maybe even right away), rent a good pair of modern skis and take a lesson. A good instructor will be able to help you connect to the new skis very quickly, and will make sure you're on the right track, technically.

Stick around EpicSki and ask all the questions you can think of. And keep us posted, too, on how it's going.

Best of luck!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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PS--"Shaped" skis are fine in moguls, for all but competitive-style fall-line skiing. Even there, they work fine for everything but top-level competition, where the lighter swing weight and frankly, lower carving performance of a narrow, traditional ski will give you a very slight advantage. But remember--you've got to ski TO the moguls, and back home, too! Unless you really are competing in moguls, a good all-around, all-mountain ski is a good bet everywhere.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Welcome to epicski. and welcome back to the snow.

I agree with most opinions above, Use your old gear. They should do fine. And Yes. DO get your bindings tested and your skis tuned.

Whistler is a great destination resort. Prices are good. Also if you really do want to be on new equipment and do decide to go to Whistler, Rent up there. If you rent online, they give you a great discount and you can try out as many skis as they have. You can swap at several locations on the hill as well as some shops in the village.

Last season when I was there I think it costed about 85.00 USD witn the exchange rate and multiday/online discount for a performance rental. (skis only, bring your boots) That was for 6 days! Almost not worth the hassle of lugging your skis through the airport.
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Old skis: use them.
Old clothes: use them, get a new thong. Make sure it shows when you buckle your boots.
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Hey JenGurl,

Nice to have you. All of the advice is accurate, esp milesb! If you are on a budget the old stuff is fine. What needs warming up is your movement patterns. That you can do by adding some ski oriented stretching, etal into your workout; get on some roller blades or those new cool mountain skates (I think that's what they are called) - or simply run down a hill or two (all out) in an "S" pattern.

Boots are the most important peice of equipment. If the old ones are fit well and are still warm and comfy, they are fine. If you bought them as an adult, the size is probably fine. You can save some money buy getting new innards if your foot has changed due to spurs or the like. Be sure that the buckles are good and there are not stress cracks in the plastic. (My boots are 7 seasons old this coming season. Last season I put new racing liners in them and that extended the life of the boots by a factor of at least 2.)

Good luck and keep us posted.
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#1 & #2: If you have the oportunity to clinic with
former olympian Pam Fletcher (Dynastar/Lange/Look/Obermeyer) just do what she does. You'll be fine. :
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I agree, use the old skis, when you get back in the swing, demo the newer ones and see what suits your fancy - get some black zip "warm-ups", wear long j's underneath, they go with most anything..
myself, I am still waiting for stretch pants to come back (not that mine will ever fit again..)
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Jengurl is cute!
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Hey Nakona: Kristi Leskinen and Charlotte Moats?
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Originally posted by AltaSkier:
How's the music business?

Well Alta looks like you caught this one.

Score is tied up at 1:1
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OK, Everyone carefully remove that hook.

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Originally posted by PowDigger:
OK, Everyone carefully remove that hook.

Just a bit of catch and release.
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Originally posted by Warren:
Hey Nakona: Kristi Leskinen and Charlotte Moats?
Damn Betcha!

Both of them are way outta my league, in more ways than one, as well as being young enough to be my, er... younger sisters.

But a man can dream...
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Maybe too young for you, but not for me. And whether Jen is real or not, she's still welcome to join me in Whistler in early December.

I'll post the dates when I know them.

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Originally posted by Warren:
Hey Nakona: Kristi Leskinen and Charlotte Moats?
Oh boy vould I love to gif zose two hot vomen a piece of ze Arnold. I vould most likely break zem in helf.

Vun day I vill be ze meat in zeir lesbain sandvich. You hierd it here furst.
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Thank you to everybody that offered some real advise. I've had a chance to learn more about this forum and I'm not sure if I need the vague disrespectful comments.

I've been told by a friend who skis a lot that my bindings are not safe and the shops won't re-mount them for me. So I have to buy new bindings. They all seem to be pretty much the same, besides kids models is there a "most respected" brand out there?

My friend told me that I can buy a package at an upcoming summer sale that would work well and be less than $500. Does that sound right? The boots I looked at in the magazine were more than that.

Thanks for the real people photos of skiers, the fashions looked a little better there than the people i saw at the local resort. I guess you can wear pretty much anything now huh? Is there any styles besides my stretch pants that I should stay away from?

I think i want to get back into Mogul skiing (try) and I tried to find (internet)info on programs or clinics in this area (Mich) without success. Does anyone know of any?

Thanks for the offer to meet at Whistler, but I've been told that I don't want to do that!

Thanks again everybody for the suggestions.

by the way, that rock chick is not me!

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Hi JenGurl,

$500 should get you a pretty decent starter package but if your skis are in good shape and if your old boots fit well, I would still recommend that maybe you purchase some bindings and have them mounted if they are off the "approved" list. Take them to a shop and have them take a look. 5 years is not very long if they were fairly new when you stopped skiing.

Post the equipment and models of your skis/boots and bindings. We have lots of shop people on the site that can probably give you a good assesment of them.

Boots can come all across the range of prices. last year's models are fine so if you find a pair that fit real well that are last year's model, go for it. Most important is fit.

Take a look into the gear forum for suggestions on what to look for in boots.

good luck. and again, welcome back.
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I have to disagree with using shaped skiis in moguls. Bad idea. There are some less shaped skiis that are ok but to bang them out you need your knees and boots close together and with shaped skiis your tips will overlap ... bad scene much pain. I have a pair of ten eighties and they are the greatest thing since sliced bread they aren't the best for moguls being a twin tip they have a tendency to drag. I do agree on the epic t3 as being a good all mountain ski good luck finding them. You will see the volant new line this winter (a supposed new and improved design) I believe but the t3 epic won't be there. Rossi has a really good mogul ski. Bindings are different. Depending on your ability and weight the din settings are important and the cheaper you go the less din you have. Then you have the the sales gimmicks which for the avergae joe isn't going to make a lick of difference. Just make sure you don't buy at GARTS go to a local ski shop and talk to someone that knows what their talking about. Asking for a manager is a good start.

Have fun
waxed side down

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Rossi Moguls are the ones that I was trying to remember
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Point your tips downhill and when you want to turn roll your knees over your bindings and carve baby, carve. It's all about shape these days. New England has lots of groomed slopes to get you back in the groove. Have Fun!!
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