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Saturday was winter, with 10F in the morning, and never seeing over 25 at the sumit even though the sun felt pretty good in the afternoon. Today, Sunday, the temps were higher and the sun was blazing. Blue bird! This could make for a great spring snow day. And it did!
I talked my 16 year old son into a quick trip to the mountain and we left the house about 11:00. The 40 min drive got us on the hill just before noon. With the deep base, the warmth of the sun was just right to soften all but the shaded area, and the very highest runs. There was no Mush anywhere. there was a special spring event, The "Duct Tape Derby" just off the lift. Some pretty myrthful entries made of cardboard and tape!

We had to be home by 2:45 for my son's soccer, and we pulled out of the lot at 2:06 Just in time!

I can't remember such a pleasurable ski day, nor can I recall such great conditions at the begining April.

Oh! My son hadn't been on skis since he was about 6 years old, Slipping to the dark side and boarding. Today he took his brothers equipment for a go!

Can't say I object!