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Red Bull Huckfest Results

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4th Annual Red Bull Huckfest Wakes Up the World to New School Snowsports
Snowboarder Marc Frank Montoya and Freeskier Jon Olsson Take Home $10,000
SNOWBIRD, UT, USA— Amidst the festivities of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, Red Bull Energy Drink hosted the world’s most progressive and inventive snowsports athletes to compete for a $40,000 cash purse, in a unique two-day event. The event was held at Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort in Salt Lake City’s Little Cottonwood Canyon. Over 5000 spectators, and a handful of Olympic athletes, including J.J. Thomas, Jonny Moseley, and Daron Rahlves, gathered along the slopestyle/big-air course to witness some of the newest tricks and an intense competition between the most popular skiers and snowboarders.

The event was founded in 1999, as the first high-level big air competition that brought together both skiers and snowboarders to showcase their skills and compete for the best prize money in the sport. It is regarded in the action sports movement as one of the most impressive and competitive invitational events of the season. The Huckfest is usually held in January. However, Red Bull Energy Drink and event organizers chose the February weekend during the Olympics to showcase the athleticism that exists outside of the Olympics, in of the sports of freeskiing and snowboarding. “Freeskiing is as much of the sport of skiing as moguls and racing… it’s what the kids are into.” said Olympic skier and spectator Jonny Moseley, “Without events like the Red Bull Huckfest, the new-school movement wouldn’t be progressing as fast as it is.”

The event began on Saturday with 48 athletes attempting to qualify for today’s competition. Just sixteen athletes, from each discipline, made it to the finals. The final day format was a head-to-head single elimination quarter and semi-finals with a best out of three jump final round. An early upset, in the first round, left last year’s ski champion and X Games Gold Medallist Tanner Hall out of the competition. This opened the door for Red Bull athlete Jon Olsson. Olsson has been competing against Hall all year for the top of the podium. In the finals, Olsson met Rossignol athlete Boyd Easley for a 3 jump finals that was nearly a tie. Both men stomped their runs, but Olsson squeezed past Easley with a new trick: a switch misty 900 with a reverse mute grab.

The snowboarding competition led Sims Snowboards athlete Marc Frank Montoya to dominate his way through a field of competition that could not have been stiffer. Max Henault of Canada eliminated defending champion, Jason Borgstede, in the quarterfinals. Montoya defeated Henault in the semis, and faced Ride Snowboards Rider Erik Leines in the finals. In the end it was a huge final run for Montoya. He 50/50 nose grinded the big box rail, up top, finishing with an Indy grab, and down on the big air he threw a huge cab 900.

“I was really stoked to see progressive skiers and snowboarders, from around world, come together in an event, like this (Huckfest), to showcase the alternative side of the sport. It was great to see Moseley throw the dinner roll in the Olympic moguls competition, but this event really highlights where the sport is evolving to,” said event sponsor, Assistant Director of Sports Marketing, Pat MacIlvain.

Final Results------

Freeskiing Snowboarding

1st Jon Olsson Åre, SWE 1st Marc Frank Montoya Brighton/Snowbird, USA

2nd Boyd Easley Mammoth/Squaw Valley USA 2nd Erik Leines Snowbird, USA

3rd Braden Fujas Mammoth USA 3rd Max Henault St Come, CAN

4th Matt Sterbenz Squaw Valley USA 4th Zach Leach Mammoth, USA

Sorry for formatting of final - it kept messing with it - I'm to lazy to fix, you'll figure it out!

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It's too bad they had to hold it at the 'Bird during the Olympics. The contestants probably spent $10k each just to get there and get a hotel room 2 hours from the mountain. So the only person to break even was the winner. And of course, the whole thing goes unnoticed because of the Olympics.
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Yeah Lohtse (the person who writes those press releases) has been complaining about the same thing. She told me that since all of the sponsors were totally locked up in the games - that if they wanted any sponsorship support they had to be close in time and location to the games.
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