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TR: LGC IV Day 1 - Loveland (3/30/08)

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Lots of folks showed up. Snow ranged from coral reef to soft powder (spdskr did a great job of finding the goods). Ski waists ranged from 66mm to 105mm. A good time was had by all. The group kind of split off into three over the course of the day, so didn't get pictures of everybody.







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Today at Loveland was a great time. As Faisasy mentioned, conditions were all over the map, but we did find some good stuff . Thanks for the great pics, Faisasy. By the way, you skied that run also:

Hope to see everyone at Copper on the 4th. Have fun skiing this week!

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Great pics and a fun day. Thanks.
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Some good looking skiers and good looking snow. Did it get slushy in the afternoon at Loveland? See you tomorrow at Breck.

It was slushy at Keystone today. I hope we get some snow as lower temps tonight and tomorrow might make for some touchy conditions.
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Yes, thanks for the cool pics.

There are so many reasons that these gatherings are such a great opportunity. A few of them that I'm really feeling tonight are; it's really awesome to sit next to, talk to and ski with peeps that have previously only been words on a screen, it's great to see a mountain that you're familiar with through eyes of other, much different skiers, it's an invaluable opportunity to be guided around an unfamiliar mountain by peeps that know their way around and know where the goods are most likely to be.

Today it was just too cool to ski with everyone at Loveland and to be guided by Duane. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the week!
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It was great fun skiing with everyone today! A special thank you to spdskr for showing us around the mountain, to jgiddyup for making all the plans, to faisasy, mr. vertical, and spdskr for posting pics, and to everyone else for making it such a fun day!
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Cloudpeak, et al: sorry I arrived too late to meet up and ski with all of you today- hope to join you on Tuesday and perhaps again next week on Thursday, assuming reasonably quiet call nights. Have a great day tomorrow!
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I had a blast skiing with and meeting everyone today! Thanks again to spdskr for being the "tour guide" and to faisasy for posting the high quality action shots! Hope you all have plenty of powder the rest of the week.

And I appreciate the pointers I received to improve my bump technique.

Looking forward to future ski days with fellow Bears
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Great pics! : Ashley and I can't wait to be out there making turns with you guys. I hear the Basin calling one week from today!: Till then, yall stay safe and have fun!
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