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same consideration, for the 1000th time

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This ought really to belong to the
Are skiers amongst the most bigoted and judgmental people around? thread but, since that particular thread has again resorted to namecalling and flame, I thought better to post here.

Last saturday, I went skiing (oh yeah, great news!, I "hear" you all thinking)
and a couple of episodes happened, which I'd like to share with all of you:
1) while at the chairlift gate, I was "punching" my pass, my youngest son on the gate on my left, since he couldn't "punch", I turned to my left, after having punched my pass, and helped him, by doing this, my skis tails were still in front of the gate I was coming from.
Behind me was a boarder. He just passed over my skis. I thanked him for being so nice, and said he was a Donkey (it's an insult, mainly to the Donkey), the chairlift was empty, no queue, no people pushing and shoving to enter, so, seeing that I was helping my kid passing the gate, he could have waited the 10 secs it took!
He simply said nothing and went on...
BUT, I never ever thought ill of him only because he was riding a snowboard (I've mentioned this only because it's pertinent to the story)!
2)Half an hour later, we were all skiing down a run, and my oldest son took a tumble, having loosened the grip on them, I was still lagging behind, and started in order to reach him, upon reaching him, I stopped and imagine my surprise when a 50ish guy (on skis) raced between me and my son! The guy was trailing behind me!
Usually I take this as a compliment, but this time He could have hit my son, so I was a little bit startled.
Still, an "excuse me, I'm sorry" would have closed the incident.
Instead, the guy started complainig that I had cut his path!
I simply retorted thatthe skier's responsibility code says nothing (to my knowledge) about a skier who, while well in front of others, decide to stop, but It clearly states that a skier who's behind others, must make sure to be able to avoid any abrupt manoevre form those in front of him (and keep a speed which enables him to to this)...
After about a minute of a pure Italian style "fight" (a lot of noise, but no physical action), we parted.
Still feeling well in my right (I was clearly well in front of the other skier, and clear from all others), some 10 minutes later I met the local Carabinieri Patrol (Carabinieri is a branch of the armed forces which act as police, and in some mountain locations will act as patrollers, rescuers etc) and asked them If they were carrying a copy of the skier's responsibility code with them (I intended to retrace the guy and stuff it down his throat)
As it turned out they didn't have one, so I let the matter drop.
3)Meanwhile my youngest son, skiing with his brother, his mother and his granny, had taken a tumble, when I reached them my wife comment was:
"That boarder over there stopped by and helped him on his feet and reassemble the equipment"
(he'd done a yardsale, in fact), she seemed surprised, I wasn't.
The answer should be obvious to you all.
People without brain, sensless and stupid
can be found indipendently from what they
strap to their feet.
And the same apply for intelligent, kind and caring people!
Too many times I've read here:
"Boarders this, and boarders that!"
Nonsense, I say.
There are as many "skiers this and skiers that!"
Mind you, I am not saying that I'm always right, in fact I commit so many "wrongs" while skiing (sometimes I think that, if I were to ski in the US, patrollers would pull my lift pass every other day...)
The important thing is to accept we're all fallible, and to learn to be a wee bit more tolerant.
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OK by me [img]smile.gif[/img]

BTW, how does an Italian chat on the internet when no one can see your hands?
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How true

We all make mistakes in judgement.

I think the reason boarders get a bad rep is that most boarders are young, and just like in driving a car they tend to cause more accidents from lack of judgement.

With age comes wisdom but not always.
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Thanks M@tteo.

Good to hear of good people from time to time as well on both sides of the fence.

Also glad to hear you are up and about again [img]smile.gif[/img]

Take care..
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No one can really dispute that idiots can come in any number of shades and sizes. At least some people out there know I've had more than my fair share of run ins with rude boarders. There's been out of control skiers, too, but it's probably a 3:1 ratio. No incidents out west, though, of any kind.

I'm not sure that the other thread "declined" into name-calling and such. The way the original post was phrased, it seemed the poster was trying to stir up a hornet's nest on purpose. It had an attack quality to it, in my opinion, though I cannot tell if the target was skiers or the people who feel there is a skier/boarder problem, regardless of fault.

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Tag, it's really difficult, I miss so many letters You should have seen me and that other guy discussing, hands and arms (with attached poles) flailing all around! But it's obvious, we're waiting for the WEBCAMS!

dc9mm, not anymore, boarders are no more a teen age expression, in fact there are so many adults snowboarding here as adults skiers...BTW I'm still waiting for my share of wisdom

Dchan, yepp, back in the saddle, for at least the next 6 months, after that...we'll see.

Lisakaz, I stand corrected, I should have said: "I wanted to make a positive statement, and feared that it could have been lost into a sea of negativism..."
Is it better so?

Bed time for me (22.11 CET), have a pleasant rest of the day, you all.
Take care.
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Thanks for the nice post, M@tteo, it hit the nail right on the head. It's just about what I was trying to say on the "other" thread.

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Oh sure, that's fine. I wasn't trying to diss you, but it seemed to me that some early posters tried to get a legitimate exchange going, but ultimately failed. I guess I'm always a little surprised when incidents like this happen outside the greater metropolitan NYC area. But I don't ski enough elsewhere to know. Just my experience.

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yes, it's TRUE. there ARE (like) life forms outside greater NYC.
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After a recent post regarding lift lines it sounds like "me first" behavior is the norm in Italy..... boarder or skier.

I plan to return to the Alps someday but after reading your post it will not be on the Italian side. Actually come to think of it probably relates to the driving too. I WAS headed into Italy and at the border took a last look at my car rental agreement. It was strictly forbidden to drive the vehicle into Italy ....... could'a driven that Sierra clear to Moscow .... but no Italy!

As I get older and less tolerant of pushing and shoving ....... I'd be demanding that the Carabinieri give me a computer to have you come and bail me outa the jail!
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We have lots of Rude people in MI and not so Rude. I find more young skiers are RUDER then young boarders.

(have baby in lap forgive typo's)
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> it seemed the poster was trying to stir up a hornet's nest on purpose. It had an attack quality to it, in my opinion, though I cannot tell if the target was skiers or the people who feel there is a skier/boarder problem, regardless of fault. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


the above is not totally accurate but I did want to spark a debate about if there is really discrimination between various groups on the mountain, everyone always goes on about it but is it real? I did word it in such a way as to try and get spirited responses but that should have been more interesting for everyone.

So let's move on.

I have skied a fair amount in the last 10 years and I still marvel at the incidents that I see. Take the example given that started this thread with the skier cutting between M@TTEO and his son. That must have ruined the other guys day just as much.

I remember a classic case where a middle aged fairly respectable looking woman bashed a kid of around 10 on the head with her ski pole because she thought that he pushed in front of her in the lift queue. While I found this incredibly amusing at the time just for the comedy of the situation* where else would that woman have done that? At the supermarket if someone pushed in at the check out? Maybe.

*Violence and child abuse is bad, I do not approve of it at all.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ryan:
yes, it's TRUE. there ARE (like) life forms outside greater NYC. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Yes sure, and I suppose next you will be trying to tell us Michael Jackson is black : ยด-----------------
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Hi Ryan,

HA! I meant the rudeness factor. I've never had any rude encounters like I've had in this area. Maybe people elsewhere just don't mess with us Joisy girls. East coast intimidation factor?

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You mean you're a real Jersey Girl, like in the song?

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Yuki, I am sorry if somehow I contributed to "scare" you off from the idea of an Italian trip.
By all means, do come, I'll act as your personal crowd fender! [img]smile.gif[/img]
And Italians are a lot nicer toward foreign tourists than they are toward fellow countrymen, so, do not worry!
After all, no tourists, no money!
BTW I think I failed the purpouse of my post, if you and others have read in it
"Italians are..."
The same reasoning I have applied to boarders/skiers, do apply to people coming from any country of this world!
As far as the lift line thing, if there is no one imposing a queue, people will naturally tend toward chaos, after all Entropia is the principle which rules the universe...
Remember, when in Rome, do as the Romans do
(I must constantly remember this myself too! )

Riccardo, I don't think so.
Appearing to me as closed minded as one can possibly be, his day was not ruined at all, I am sure he couldn't think beyond the immediate.
And mine was not ruined as well. I've no time to waste anymore, letting little discussion like this to embitter my days, so as the discussion was over, I just pushed it out of my mind I resumed it briefly, while talking to the carabinieri patrol, but that was it).
The rest of the day was as perfect as it could have been.
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Great post at the top. So was the skier who almost ran you down the guy in the speedo?

Hey Lisa- "What Exit?"
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Exit, no those were two different people.
The "speedo" was the typical randonneur, the other was a "pistaiolo" (term used to indicate skiers which stick to groomed runs, BTW me too am such a skier, mostly)
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