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Short Radius Turns.....

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I have been working hard on this for a little while now, i'm needing some fresh input from other sources....

Here is a video of me performing short radius turn in the crud and on the slopes.


thanks in advance

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Well your work has been paying off, especially in the piles.

How long ... and what ski are you on?

A bit more projection of the upper mass down the hill ...
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i have been skiing for 10+ years doing about 1 week per year

i ski on Rossignol B78 174cm
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totally agreed with yuki you tend to hold on to turns alittle to long and arent that eager to move you center of mass down the fallline.

think about flexing you ankles knees and hips and moving you body down the hill alittle more aggresively next time you are out skiing.
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Great crud skiing! On the pp, nice extension/flexion, but your extension should be more to the side and not as much upward. That is why your skis don't engage the snow until after the fall line.

In the crud, guide your inside ski more so you don't have to lift it in the top of the turn.

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