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I am considering replacing my Tecnica XT17's and would appreciate suggestions.
Me: 52 yo; 165 lbs; 5'9.5; long time weigt training; eastern skier; level 8-9; primarily blue to black groomers/infrequent bumps; plan to try woods
Gear: XT17's with Dobie liners - 303mm, 7.5 41 ; Elan Ripsticks, Elan M666, Blizzard Titan Cronus
What I like about the XT17's
- they fit me like a glove - at least in the foot. My street size is 9.5 and I am in a marked 7.5. Never needed grinding or any shell work. With custom footbeds, I can feel the boot competely from side to side, with adequate room in the toe box. Really could not ask for better fitting or more comfortable boot.
- very quick response on snow. Very good feedback.

What I don't like about the XT 17's
- they are a bitch getting on and off. I put the liner on first then pry my foot into them. Getting them off after then end of a very cold day can be painfull as the shell pinches the foot all the way out. No a real big deal - more of a gripe.
- they leak. Nothing that a duct tape gasket can't fix, but does make them a bit cold.
- too much space (volume?) in the cuff area. I have skinny shins and smallish calfs. Seems that my leg moves too far forward in the boot before I actually contact the tongue. And this is a progressive issue as the tongue packes out. I put on Booster Straps to close this gap - slightly effective, but stiffens the boot which I do not need. Occasionally get real bad shin bang.
- Biggest issue: Too stiff/too forward. I say this realizing the my skinny shins in these boots mean I have to bend forward some distance just to engage the tongue. That is wasted effort and means the strongest part of the movement is lost. Since I am already forward, I lose leverage when I do connect. This gives me the sense that the boots are too stiff since my anke is already flexed when it engages and all this keeps me from standing taller and getting the leverage I am looking for without crouching and getting into the back seat, which happens a lot.

What I am looking for: Basically a fit just like the XT's - low volume with snug fit and high control and good feedback. But need better/tighter cuff fit so the shin connects immediately and I can exert the full messure of edge pressure without the dreaded crouch. Perhaps a more upright boot that is not so stiff, though I realize that stiffness depends upon the efficiency of your foot in the boot. Ultimately, I am looking for a boot that is more efficient for me.
And I am not averse to modding the XT's if there is a way to get them more upright and close the cuff gap.Really appreciate your suggestions.