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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

OK they looked pretty good.  It was broadcast live on USA.  Who's next?

Yes, Team Canada did look real good! (but it was on CNBC) 

Care to guess what will happen on Sunday?  Canada vs. USA 
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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post

Yes, Team Canada women did look real good! (but it was on CNBC) 

Care to guess what will happen on Sunday?  Canada vs. USA 

Today, Finland VS Belarus on CNBC at 3pm Eastern

ok so Canada does look awesome.  I still hope they LOSE :-P
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More Team CANADA action tonight @ 7:30 eastern (if NBC doesn't screw it up again!) on CNBC
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Swiss gave them a good game . Sid tossed in the only one outta 8 in the shoot out for a 3-2 final.
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Yeah, too bad he is soft.
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The Canada vs. USA game lived up to it's billing! 

This just might be an interesting run for the gold......
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Great to see Team USA playing good hockey...

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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post

The Canada vs. USA game lived up to it's billing! 

This just might be an interesting run for the gold......
I started to get really excited until I realized this was just a round robin game, not elimination yet  Granted nobody wanted to lose, but both teams are still very well alive and the US will likely have to beat Canada again for a medal
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OK It's on like Donkey Kong

US Versus Switzerland

Canada Versus Russia
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On NBC right NOW!
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
 USA moves to the final four.  Great game, and great defense from the Swiss.  The Russia vs. Canada game might even be better.
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^^ good use of the spoiler alert!  Great game this afternoon, and you're right, the Russia vs Canada game today should be very interesting.  Canada has a lot to lose.

For those wanting live connections in the US, I have subscribed to a VPN service that hides my IP and routes me me through Quebec so I can  receive CTV streaming.  We are so pleased with NBC.  They carried this and the Canadian game, but alpine skiing has all been at prime time long after the event is over.
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I guess I'm the only one cheering on team Canada.....

Looking forward to a good strong game from them tomorrow night @ 9:30 eastern.

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McDonalds apparently prefers the Hurricanes over Canada in Canada Hockey McDonalds commercials  They used footage from a Hurricanes game at the RBC center in a commercial highlighting the Canada Hockey team.  I guess they thought nobody would know the difference.. red sweater is a red sweater. Click Advertisements on the bottom then select the "Anticipation" one.  Check out the crowd waving the towels and their jerseys closely.  They are Carolina Hurricanes jerseys! I might be in that commercial


Click online advertising... then select Anticipation... bottom right one.

I guess in all fairness they have Eric Stahl and his bros don't they?
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Everyone ready for what should be a great Gold Medal game tomorrow?

CANADA vs. USA, 3:15pm eastern Sunday

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Great game so far.. I'm REALLY busy re-doing our kids room this weekend, but have the game on
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A great game - congrat's to Team Canada!

Crosby saves Luongo from being the goat of the Olympics.
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Congrats Eh!
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Boy that was a nail biter for many of us Canadians. Congrats to the US team for fighting to the very end. I am not a hockey fan, but this was exciting!
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An excellent game and while I was rootin' for Team USA, I can take heart that it was Pittsburgh's Sid Crosby that shot the final goal for the Canadians.  Well-done, all-around!
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Crosby Gold.jpg

Stanley Cup and Olympic gold by 22.....
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Crosby, Crosby, Crosby!
Congrats to Team Canada and Team USA for a great game.
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Yeah, Crosby scored the goal.  I'll take it anyway.  Maybe he's not such a bad guy; he could have just had a bad Publicity manager..
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You've been prejudiced by propaganda from Philly, bunch of no class, inept goons.The kid is alright but if you don't like your hockey players humble and soft spoken, one who lets his skills do the talking then yeah, he's a wuss.
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At least Crosby shook hands this time.. makes me still wonder if he would have had Canada lost
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Awesome goal by Parise to force OT at the final buzzer.  But....you just KNEW Crosby was gonna net the game winner in OT.  Like him or not, you can't deny that he is clutch when the time comes to git 'r dun.

We take Silver and Hossa goes home with no hardware....once again.  I'm cool with that.
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Don't understand why the NHL is so against having their players in the Olympics.  This was a great game, lots of excitement, drama - really showed off the great nature of the sport.  At a time when the NHL is still playing catch-up from their lock-out, they should be grateful for anything that showcases the sport.  Also think it's awful that the NHL started play again yesterday.   Would it have killed the schedule to give the players one more day to get home or go meet their teammates?

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