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Gaborik signs for less money in NY than he could have made in Minnesota.  No surprise there.  When he turned down the Wild's offer last year, we knew he was gone.  Of course, NY may have this night indelibly eched in their memory.....


That money also only buys about 65%-70%  of what it would buy in Minnesota due to the cost of living difference.  Taxes aren't any better there either.
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One more week and the first exhibition game is here!!  Can winter be far behind?  Can the Guin's defend the Cup?  Can the Wild make it back to the playoffs without Gaborik?  Will Hossa take Chicago past Detroit?  Now that Chelios is gone, is Geritol no longer the sport drink of choice in Detroit?  Can Colorado find a goaltender AND replace Sakic?  Who will rise up in the East to challenge Pitt?  Ovechkin and the Cap's?  The Ranger's with Gaborik?  Can Thomas catch the lightning again and keep Boston on top?

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Training camp starts tomorrow.  First pre-season game on Tuesday.

October 2nd, BRING IT ON!  I am ready for some hockey.
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Even better news for hockey fans....NHLN will be airing 10 preseason games in the US starting tomorrow night.


Hockey season is officially here!
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Since I can't see NHL games on my TV and can't go to watch them live, I don't pay much attention to it.
I'm more interested in Continental Hockey league because local club plays there.

BTW, would be an interesting tournament or friendly games NHL playoff semifinalists VS CHL semifinalists... as it was in late '80
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Care to start a pool on when fischermh drops in?
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He won't show until playoff time....IF the Wings even get there this year.  They lost 1/3 of their forwards and have nobody to cover Ozzie's ass when he fails again mid-season.  The rest of the West got stronger.

Of Course Tommy Holmstrom already guaranteed the media they would be in the Cup Finals.  What a tool bag.

If Fish showed up now he would be....how did that go?  "full of excuses and NO CUP".  I believe that's how he put it.
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Yes the Pens on ice tonight @ 7:30

Here's the lines for the opener...some new faces....



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Bruins vs Rangers looks interesting.
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Pens vs Canes on the NHL network.....a look back
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Too busy listening to the Pens Jackets game.  I hate Hockey on the radio....can't wait until Monday when we get to watch live on NHLN.
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Caught the highlights of last nights Pens game on their page this morning.  Tangradi's hit on Jarrod Boll was huge!  It was borderline Kunikaze!

I can not wait for this kid to break into the line up.  He's a beast.  A beast with wheels and hands a la Kevin Stevens.  I can't believe Anaheim let this prospect go in a trade for Ryan Whitney, lmao.
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Pens /  Habs tonight @ 7:30 on the NHL Network....

I'm a happy man

Lines for the Pens;




For the Habs;

Mike Cammalleri
Brian Gionta
Matt D'Agostini
Maxim Lapierre
Andrei Kostitsyn
Benjamin Maxwell
Max Pacioretty
Gregory Stewart
Eric Neilson
Guillaume Latendresse
Scott Gomez
Tom Pyatt

Jaroslav Spacek
Josh Gorges
Shawn Belle
Yannick Weber
Mathieu Carle
Andrei Markov

Curtis Sanford
Carey Price
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Pens vs. Leafs on NOW @ NHLN
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These two games against the Leafs have been remarkably entertaining hockey.

I can't wait for Sunday's DET/PIT rematch.

I wonder if Fish will watch?
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I;m taking my son to see the Canes play the Leafs in November.  We got the Cub Scout discount for that game
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Nice!  I just scored two good seats to the Pens/Devils in November.  I swore I would get to at least one last game at the Igloo this year.  I really hate that they are tearing it down.  It's one of the coolest old hockey venues in the league.
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^^^^ you just said the "igloo" was "cool"
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Any of you epic hockey fans interested in getting in on some fantasy hockey?

I started a league last year to explore how it might work, and I'm still tweaking how it might work. Last year, I had a lot of people drop out, and it was a big pain because yahoo doesn't let you reassign ownership, so this year I want to put a few bucks on it -- I'm thinking $25.00. Winner of each week's game get's $1.00 at the end of the year. The remaining money will be divided up between 1st and 2nd place in the playoffs.

It's a fairly casual league -- no fantasy professionals here. I'm hoping to get draft going online on next wed -- the day before the season starts. It's a head-to-head league, not certain of categories or roster size, but if you don't know how to play, this should be a good league to get started in.

PM me if you're interested because I need to get invites out soon. It's not an epic-specific league, but anyone's welcome.
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Pen's vs. Wings ....."cup rematch", pre-season style. This is their last pre-season game.


Followed immediately by last seasons game 7, Stanley Cup Final 


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That game was a total let down.  The Leafs games were more entertaining.
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The season is ON!
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Hurricanes just locked Cam Ward in for several years
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Ok, the real season begins but as you know, I'm a Pens fan not a fan of hockey but also I'm a Steelers fan first. So I didn't even watch the whole game against the Rangers. I caught the end of the game with the score already 3-2. The first thing I noticed was that unlike the pre-season I recognized the players. I missed Max but also Gill and Scuderi. Pens looked pretty good moving the puck and I even saw some strong checks and good D. They looked disciplined. With the way they're playing and how the Stillers have done, well, I could be watching whole games a lot sooner in the season.

In fact I feel more excitement about this team than I do the other Big League team in town. Matt, that has something to do with that fan swagger you mentioned about some other big hockey fan from whom we haven't heard since his Geritol bunch had to eat their own sloppy joe's in game 7. (Come on Fischy, not even a congrats to the kids?) Anyways, I don't feel the swagger from this Steelers team even though they have 2 Lombardi's to their credit. I lost that during the Cowher era when I was made to realize that even very good teams can lose big games at home. (See Fischy, I understand your silence )

It is always good to win after you hoist the Cup banner in your house. We still look a little thin up in those rafters compared to another rust belt team but we have a good chance to paint the ceiling black and gold at the new Consol Center.

Lets go Pens!!!
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Originally Posted by Taylormatt View Post

That game was a total let down.  The Canadians game was more entertaining.

Fixed it for you.
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Ghost...I'm a Pens AND Habs fan......but I can't even tell it's them with the HUGE personnel changes they made for this season. Quebec = Hockey, that will never change. I hope that this does turn them around and gets thing going for them.

But the Pens do look good.......already !
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Anyone see the B's/Cane's game last night? What a beating the Cane's took.

It was like an old 70's hockey game . Boston may be a tough team to beat this year, taking up where they left off at the end of last years regular season.
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I didn't see the B's/Canes game, but caught the highlights on NHLN this morning.  Wow.  I guess they aren't missing a beat without Kessel.  Canes need to solidify the D better to really be a contender.  They have the offensive side and Ward in goal but need the D.

Ghost, not sure on Montreal yet too much rebuilding there and only caught one preseason game so far, so I can't really say.  The two Leafs games I got, I can say they definitely looked better.

Speaking of better...the Islander?  Holy crap, definitely a change there over the whole team.  Tavarres looks like he might be the real deal.  The kid looked good last night.  I hope he does well adjusting to NHL life. That was a close game.

The Blues beat Detroit twice?  Nice!  I got to watch yesterday's game.  Loved every minute of it.  I guess the mighty Swedes didn't feel like putting on much of a show in the mother land <EG>.  Kicking DET while they are down will never get old for me this season.

As for us and the Rangers, awesome home opener.  Gabby is scarey good.  The only thing I see being a problem for the Rangers is Gaborik's history of breaking.  I can't see him making it long in the Atlantic Division...which is getting even tougher.  The dude's got wheels and hands though, he's just made of glass.
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I was excited to see the Canes get Cole back late last year.  The team magically began to win and made the playoffs.  But, just as quickly he went down, then played hurt.  It ws then that I remembered why they let him go last time.  Now he's hurt and down for probably the season.  I guess it's best to just get it over with and go on without him.  I'm not calling him a wuss, it was a nasty hit that put him out and broke his leg.  He is just plain unlucky.
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Pens vs. Leafs on Hockey Night in Canada

Sat. Oct. 10th, 7pm Eastern, NHLN

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