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Is it me or did both teams play look a little ragged?  Philly actually look a little more crisp to me but it didn't keep them from getting toasted.

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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post

Will the Bullies have something for the Hawks Wednesday in Phily? ( I hope not!)


We shall see......

It appears that they did indeed.  I saw at least two Chicago helmets hit the ice and wondered if the head was still in them hahaha!

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Alright....for those of you still paying attention, what are you thinking for the next game in Chicago?



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Well, I'm still watching and rootin' for the Flyers (it's the PA-loyalty thing).  Flyers looked better the last 2 games, but the Hawks are tough to beat at home.  Still, if you're a Pens fan, you can't want the Blackhawks to win just because of what Hossa did a couple of seasons ago.  Flyers need to bring their A game tonite, then win it at home on Wednesday.  I say, Flyers in 6.

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I think chicago's gonna be tough to beat tonight. They're gonna push hard to take control of this series back. I see this series going to 7 at this point. I hope that's Flyers in 7 :). Either way, this series has been some fantastic hockey.
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Unlike SugarCube, my PA loyalty does not extend to the Flyers so the only real rooting interest is against the Flyers. I have no confidence that the Hawks can beat this team. I have not been impressed with the play of either team.(and I wasn't impressed with the Pens play down the stretch and into the playoffs) So maybe I'll watch tonight if there is nothing better to do.

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Let's Go Blackhawks.....




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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post

Let's Go Blackhawks.....




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Can the Hawks close it out tonight in Philly?  

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^^Hope so, but wouldn't put money on it.

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Likewise.  Leighton hasn't been exactly brilliant, but his team has played very well in front of him especially in Wachovia.  Only because the Cup is on the line, I expect a much tighter game, but I still think we are heading for a game 7.  Of course, I haven't been right about much else in this series, so who knows?  Maybe Chicago's play in the third period in game 4 will be the indicator and they'll take the cup tonight.  Will be really interesting to see just how whistle-happy the ref's are tonight.

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I want to feel good about tonight, but the blackhawks really outplayed the flyers in every facet in game 5.  We've been playing noticeably better at home so far, let's hope that makes the difference and takes this to a game 7.



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dat dat dat dada dat dat dat dada dat dat dat dada datdatdat  Flyers suck!


Congrats to the Blackhawks.

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Ah shoot.  Sad to see my flyers booted, especially at home, but the blackhawks were no doubt the better team this series.  Gotta hand it too them. 

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Have to finally admit that summer is here and winter is over!  Pretty entertaining series though.  Great to note in the paper that the finals on NBC pulled in their highest ratings in years.  Here in the Twin Cities, the games consistently beat the NBA playoffs.  Not sure if that's because we love hockey or it's because the T-wolves are sooo bad no one cares about the NBA anymore!

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NHL Awards tonight on Versus, 7:30 - 9:00



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Pens pre season opener coming up real soon!


Sept 22nd against their old friends, the Red Wings


It's Hockey time 

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Originally Posted by Rossi Smash View Post



Sept 22nd against their old friends, the Red Wings


It's Hockey time 

Nice.  Go Wings! 


I'm going to try to take my kids to another Wings game either in ATL or Nashville. 

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Trolling eBay for a new Hurricanes jersey for my son.  He is growing out of his current one.  Hoping to get to more games this seasin.  It was hard to get motivated last year because they SUCKED!  think I'll shoot for gettng tickets to the Stars game since I also LOVE the Stars. Can't go wrong that way and at least one of us will leave happy

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Hard to get really excited about the Flame's off season moves, though I do like Tanguay.


It is nice to be back in a NHL city though. I will probably make it to a few games, definitely the outdoor one vs the Habs.


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So did any of you out of towners hear......


Our AHL  Hartford Wolfpack has become.........




wait for it...........







The Connecticut Whale 




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Opening night 


Pens first night in their new barn on VERSUS @ 7pm 

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And DOWN they go!!! 

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Stinking Flyers fan.

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HUGE PENS FAN HERE! And got first thing I have to say is I hate the Cryer, their fans and mostly Scotty Hartnell, Mophead just ticks me off! GO PENS!

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Sorry guys... My daughter idolizes Hartnell. Wears 19 in her club league. Playoff time guy looks like a uniformed bear. Great game tho. Kid goalie looked good. But he is a Flyer goalie, so its only a matter of time before some bizarre injury or confidence-sucking slump will show up. The Avs-Hawks game was fun but not like Flyers-Pens. They should play once a week. Go back to a twelve team league with guys who just can't stand the sight of each other...

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Gawd, I hate the Flyers almost as much as I hate the Ravens, two really fun rivalries.


Hey keniski, yinz ever ski Blue Knob near Johnstown?

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Everyone hates the Ravens! Only skied in PA once. Bear Creek for the day. Haven't really had time with travel soccer and hockey, etc. At some point will get some of our own equipment (almost all have boots now) which would allow for a little more spontaneous decision-making to head to the smaller hills instead of just destination trips. Have done 3 annual long weekends to Whiteface but are heading to Solitude this xmas b/c it is time to ski more...

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Originally Posted by manchester81 View Post

Hard to get really excited about the Flame's off season moves, though I do like Tanguay.



Hard to get really excited about the Wild's off season moves, though I do like Cullen.



Different city, same vibe here.  It is nice to bring a Minnesota boy home.  Two games into the season and the Wild already look exactly like they did last year.  The coach is saying this year will be different because they know the "system" now and don't have to learn it.  They didn't have the personnel to play an up-tempo, fast skating game last year, basically acquired little new talent this year, but somehow with a year with the "system" under their belt, they are going to be a better team.  I don't know how that works......  Could that be why the Wild are pre-season picks to finish 15th in the west?  Local show here was wondering if the Wild will be like the T-wolves - lose their best player (Gaborik/Garnett) and sink to the bottom of the standings before they can turn things around.  Gees, I hope the Wild don't get that bad......

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