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What a great deal?

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I am going to be moving to Denver from Phoenix soon so I am looking into picking up a pair of skis.
I have only been able to make it out to the slopes about once a year in the past so I would
definitely classify myself as a beginner. However, I feel like I am a quick learner when I ski. My past trips
have all been 3 days and generally go like this:

Day 1: Run some greens to warm up then move on to blues
Day 2: All blues
Day 3: Blues and I will generally try a black diamond or two that does not look like it will kill me!

So I want to get an all-mountain type ski that I will be able to have fun with and learn on
but that I will not grow out of too fast. Since this will be my first set of skis I am pretty much looking
for a deal because I will probably trash them and while searching around I came across these:


I have not been able to find any other information on them so I was hoping one of you ski gurus on this board
would be able to tell me if these would be worth purchasing? (I am 6'1, 195 pounds)

Also if you think these skis are crap I am open to recommendations!

Thanks in advance!
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I'm not so sure I'm feeling this deal. It may be a get what you pay for. I know nothing about these skis and I do appreciate you wanting to get a good deal...but if you spend even a little bit of money on crap...it may still be a waste. If you are serious and committed to developing your ski skills you can still be budget conscious but buy something that's a bit more modern. I'll look to others to recommend particular skis for you b/c I'm not that familiar with some of these skis...but I would think you could spend around $300 for a decent used pair that would be better. Those are just my thoughts...best of luck in your search.


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Those skis are very outdated and not worth the trouble in my opinion.
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Those skis are crap. Goto ebay.
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