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Alright, I've finally got around to scheduling my knee surgery for those of you who remember. I'm having it done next Wednesday, Oct 2. I'm just wondering from those of you who have had your knee scoped before what you guys consider the do's and don't after surgery. Since I injured my knee a year and a half ago I have not been able to run or lift with my knee because it has been in pretty bad shape. What kind of stuff should I do and how long after surgery can I start running and lifting again? My doctor will answer all these questions too, but since so many of you have had first hand experience I'm just wondering your thoughts.
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My knee's been scoped twice, once with a full ACL reconstruction. Your rehab will depend on what they're actually doing to you. I can tell you that it is useful to go into surgery with the best muscle tone you can manage. If you're not in PT right now, do some. Do whatever exercises are recommended and do as many of them as you can or are allowed to do. For me, skating was the best therapy, better (I think) than all the PT exercises combined, but it wasn't until about two months after the reconstruction that I was allowed to do it.
The more agressive you are with PT, the faster you'll recover.
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Swimming is a great addition to rehab. I'm not much of a swimmer, but spent at least two days a week in the pool + rehab + minor weights + at least three days a week on the stairmaster. I was skiing 40 days after my operation. The swimming was very important for this.
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