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Depends on the day of the week and time of the year: Right now about 188 wet, but likely 195 with all of my ski clothes on, and over 200 in ski boots!

Originally Posted by Finndog View Post
Gotcha. 185ish, it that like 190? or like 182-187?

IMHO, you are probably better going longer.
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So I'm about 95% sold on going with the Watea 94 as a ski I can take out west and still get to ski occasionally around here.

Now the questions is length, 178 or 186? 178 is about 2" below my height and 186 is a bit over my height. People have recommended "head height" in this ski, so I could go either way. I'm about 180-190 lbs depending on how much exercise I am getting.

My main question for those of you that have the 94 is how much harder is the 186 length to deal with in tight spaces than the 178. I'd like to be able to ski it on tight trails and trees in the East as well as out West. The other side of the equation is stability at speed and float, how much better is the 186 than the 178?

Thanks for your help!

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mike, you are really inbetween heights and to me, it becomes more of a preference thing. I like them a bit shorter but at 6' 178, the 178 is perfect for me. I don't ski wide open bowls and prefer the shorter TR with the 178 (20M). Good choice, you will love them.
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I agree Finndog. I'm inclined to go shorter since I like to turn and think that the shorter length will be more useful if and when I get to ski them around here.
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I'm about 20lbs lighter than you MikeC and ski the Atua in a 186. It's a very easy ski to ski, not quite the same as the Watea 94 but the construction is the same. But since, you're an EC skier, you'd probably be better of with the 178.
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Toad, it is an easy ski and he could go either way but i don't think he won't loose much of anything going with the 178. Also, isn't the Atua a twin or at least a big turned tail? The 94 is not a twin and has a pretty flat, just slightly turn tail. Ski running length is pretty true.
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FYI- I'm also going to mount them with a railflex so that I can vary the binding position depending on the conditions.
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Pulled the trigger and bought some 178 Watea 94's on eBay. Got a very good price and will have them by the end of the week. Of course I'll have to look at them all summer before I can see them!

Thanks for all of your help.

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Excellent! SAC had them for 348 this AM! You will love them.
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I wish I could have picked up the 94's for that price a few weeks ago. I think I can live with the 84's though.
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2nd on the Mantra. Its an amazingly versatile ride. It can do bumps, great in crud, decent in powder and its currently my favorite groomer ski. It carves and carves some more. I have run the Birds of Prey Downhill course on it and I posted some of my top times on the Mantra. It has some amazing stability on groomers, really amazing. I have yet to find a speed limit on it and I really tired last weekend. (6'0 200lbs 08 184 mantra w/ STH16s). I straightlined some of the steepest runs at Vail at it never even twitched.

I also like that as a resort ski the 184 is still fun in the bumps. I got rid of the rest of my quiver this season and ran the 08 mantra as a one ski quiver in CO and I have had the best season ever with it.

Although I will be adding a 110mm+ dedicated powder board next season. The mantra does find its limit when you get above 12" or so of fresh, the tips will start to dive a little unless you lean back or keep your speed really high. So I am going to fill that hole with something bigger.

Rip stick.

Go Mantra.
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