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Skiing in Powder

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Hit the powder yesterday at Mount Snow and had a major workout. My legs, quads, were shot. I had to stop constantly as the day went on to rest up.

I was told to lean back, this really killed my quads. I think leaning back is the idea, but I must have been doing something incorrect. Any tips on how to ski the east powder. Do you really lean back, or just move your hard pack ski posture back a little over the tail? Help!


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There is no need to sit back, lean back, move back on your feet, etc. to ski powder with a base under it. If you encounter "bottomless" powder as seen in some western resorts after occasional heavy, heavy snowfalls, you may need to encourage the tips of the skis to surface. Otherwise, you're better off skiing your skis centered just as if the powder weren't there, and making use of banking the skis up (like edging) so they can slice through the powder, kind of like a toboggan. You'll want more equal weighting of the skis so they'll follow the same path through the powder. Because of the way deeper snow will slow the skis, you generally make less sharp turns and less frequent turns than is "normal" for firmer slope conditions.
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Or you can try lifting your toes up to lift the ski tips up instead of sitting back to get the tips up.
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