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I have a pair of Elan Magfire 82Xti's in 176cm that have around 2 complete days on them. Great skis, but they were a tad stiff for me at 150lbs, and I need the softer 82ti's. These are probably better for someone over 180lbs. Anyways, they are still great skis, and was planning on skiing them this spring, but can use the money to cover my insurance co-pay. I am asking $499 w/binding. They go for $949 w/binding in shops.

This is a great ski; the 82ti and Magnum 8.7 from Blizzard were the best 2 midfats I skied this spring (from the 2009 tests) and the 82Xti that I am selling is just as good, just slightly stiffer for people over 180lbs, also slightly more stable as a crudbuster. Since this is a personal sale, I prefer a check or paypal. PM me if interested!