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Looking for help deciding what K2 Seth to get

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Hi all -

I'm getting some new skis, and may have narrowed my search down to the K2 Seth - the decision now is whether to get the 07/08 versus the 09 (ObSethed) and in which length - 169 or 179.

I'm a 5' 8" 180 lb probably lvl 8 skiier. My current skis (which I'll be keeping and skiing) are Stockli Stormrider XLs (2006, in 174cm).

I vary my skiing a lot - much of the time, I'm ripping groomers at high speed, carving GS turns down the mountain. The Stocklis excel at that and I'll be keeping them for the groomer days. I also like getting in the trees when conditions permit, and hitting the moguls from time to time. I also get out West sometimes so powder is part of my ski diet <grin>. The Stocklis can handle all that pretty well, but I'm looking for something that's more geared towards powder/trees versus piste, and a more forgiving ski might be nice for when I'm feeling lazy!

I'm looking to get a second pair of skis to complement the Stocklis - something quick turning, floaty in powder for trips out West, good in the bumps, fun in the trees, and lively. I've checked out the Dynaster Mythic Riders (165ish - loved them), Head iM88's (167ish? - seemed to be less responsive), Fisher Wateas (167ish? - great ski, but not as fun/lively) and (since no one demos the Seths) the K2 Public Enemy (hands down the most fun!!!).

A ski housemate has the 07/08 Seths and raves about them. Based on what I've read, it sounds like they'd be a good cross between the Mythic Pro Riders and the PEs, so I'm planning on going that route.

My questions for those riding the Seths and who have tried the 09's:

1. Is my logic reasonable? Will the Seths be what I think they will be, quick, lively, good in powder but also pretty good in Northeast crud and manky woods snow? Am I wqay off base in thinking of the Seths as likely to be like the PEs, or should I just go PEs?

2. It sounds like there have been some big changes in the 09, particularly with the geometry of the ski - wider and changes in the rocker. Are those changes geared primarily towards pure powder performance, or will they also help on-piste? If they're purely powder improvements, I'd stick with the 07/08s since 80-90% of my time is spent skiing in the Northeast where the only thing we get that's close to powder is whatever you can find in the deep woods.

3. Length - I skiied the Dynastar and the PE in a 165ish length and loved it. I know some of the quickness in the skis was from the shorter length and resulting smaller turn radius, but I've read the PEs are normally skiied short. Should I be thinking something longer for the Seths?

Any and all advice appreciated - trying to make these decisions without actually skiing the skis is killing me!

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Your in the Northeast if you like the PE get it in a 174cm and call it a day, you will grow into it easily I was skiing those last year in a 179cm at 165lb and they killed it.
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My 169 PEs are far, far easier to ski than the 164 Stormrider XLs that I had. If you are skiing the 174 XLs, you should be able to handle the 174 PEs no problem.
I haven't had a chance to ski the Seth, but I've spoken to a few people who have skied both and those who loved the PE, weren't as thrilled about the Seth.
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I am a couple of inched taller than you but the same weight and demoed the 189 Seths last year and I definitely would not go any shorter than that. I ski in New Zealand so our snow is much heavier and icier than the Northeast US and I am pretty sure I will get the 189 obSETHed this year as my everyday ski. The mini rocker made the Seth feel short on groomers, and they were surprisingly easy to throw arond in short turns. Really fun ski, but they were definitely too narrow so the 104mm waist on the obSETHed should be perfect in the eastern US and only a little too skinny in the west.
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Thanks for the replies!

I did get a kick outta part of your reply, Kiwiski - "I ski in New Zealand so our snow is much heavier and icier than the Northeast US "

Heavier and icier than in the Northeast US (Maine, VT, NH)? My God, man, you must have to use ice skates on your slopes!!! <grin>

One thought on length - you mention going up to 189 - since what I'm specifically looking to get out of this ski is quickness/fast turning, as opposed to a lot of edge for control, do you still think 189's my length? I doubt I'll hit groomers on these much at all, that's what I've got the Stocklis for...<grin>


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