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Review: Liberty Helix 08-09

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(quoted review from the post by S1AM at ExoticSkis...hopefully the other guys who tried the ski will add their posts soon..!)

2008-2009 Liberty Helix
187 cm length

I had the opportunity to ski these, along with the slightly wider Double Helix, two weekends ago at Alta and Snowbird. Both days brought knee deep snow on top of day old storms and there was plenty of snow to go around. I skied them in steep tree runs and rocky chutes at Snowbird on Saturday then in pristine Alta powder on Sunday. Duty-bound and because I still like to carve even though I ski the Wasatch, I also ran them on the groomers a bit. These were great testing conditions for both skis. I will try to restrict this review to the Helix and only mention the Double Helix when a direct comparison is relevant.

Right out of the box, the fit and finish of this ski seemed to be of the highest quality. This ski was pressed clean and tight. I personally really like the graphics, they are attractive and subtle. I recieved several unsolicted positive opinions about the look of the ski in the Snowbird tram and on the lifts at Alta. Obviously, appearance is purely subkjective, so take a look at the pictures below and decide for yourself.

I'll start with ski pictures and then follow up with my review below.

Full top view:

Tip of ski, top view:

Tip of ski, side view:

Tail of ski, top view:

Tail of ski, side view:

FInally, for comparison, here is a shot of the Helix and Double Helix next to each other. The Helix is a big (105mm waist) ski, the Double Helix is a really big ski:

The most obvious comparison for the Helix is the Volkl Gotama. Many companies are making skis with Gotama-like dimensions and there is a reason; they work great across a wide range of snow conditions, floating in the deep and still carving on the groomed. The helix is no exception, this would make a great one ski quiver in the Wasatch and would only dissappoint in the middle of a long dry spell. The Helix is overall quite a bit more damp than the Gotama. Nothing I encountered during my test seemed to unsettle the Helix, it had the cool composure of a nice wood core ski.
This ski doesn't take a lot of force to push aorund but you can push on it hard and it responds well. Though it is plenty stiff to support my 200+ pounds, the long shovel on the tip keeps it riding high in the deep snow. Get the Helix on a groomer and it has surprisingly good edge grip. I didn't encounter any ice but I did lay the Helix over hard at full speed and it held a firm line. I found myself making slightly longer turns than usual without realizing it, the Helix really likes to move, even through the powder. At slower speed in the powder, if pushed it will punch tight turns and in tight, technical terrain it will come around quick when needed.

Overall the Helix is a versatile solid performing ski. It is ideal for someone looking for a do-anything charger that will be used in fresh and mixed snow. The Helix loves fresh snow but it isn't scared of the groomers and can certainly hold its' own when carving. The damp feeling of the ski is a real treat; when things get hectic, it just keeps on tracking down the mountain. This is a solid performing ski that is fun in in a wide variety of terrain and snow conditions.

Skiing the Helix back-to-back with the Double Helix really illuminated the relative merits of both skis. Be sure to take a look at my review of the Double Helix, coming shortly.

I'd like to thank Chris at Liberty for getting the skis to me on short notice and being super helpful about setting up the test. If my interactions with him are any indication these guys do a great job on customer service.
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Great review..thx. I have been very curious about Liberty skis....in particular the Helix and Hazmat. Appreciate the comparison to Gots since those are my primary skis right now. Which ski do you prefer...the Got or the Helix? Did the dampness of the Helix in any way indicate lack of energy? With lots of complaints about a drop-off in Vokl quality, I may be looking for a similar replacement in a year or two....right now...the short list is Bros, Helix, the similar ski by High Society and DPS Wailer 105.....
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Hi locknload,

You would have to ask S1AM about which he prefers...I did not ski the Helix...just copied his report over here ...you could contact him at his signature though.....I have not skied the Gots either.

We might have a pair of Larose Pros and Hazmats in a week or two to test before the snow goes sour...so stay tuned. We will post pics and review ASAP if we get to ride them !
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Aaah...got it. Thanks for clarifying...I must not have read that carefully enough. I will ping S1AM to get his thoughts. Either way, thanks for sharing this. Keep passing the reviews along as they become available...its very helpful to read about some of these skis...that are hard to find at demo shops. I definitely want so support some of the smaller companies but need to get enough data to justify expensive purchases.


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I will assume that you are skiing the current Gotama. In general I found the Helix to be a little stiffer and significantly more damp than the current Gotama. Where the Goat tip comes up easily in choppy snow the Helix plows through confidently. The Helix doesn't feel dead, just damp. Probably more stable than the Goat but also probably has to be leaned on a bit harder to make it snap back.

I hope this helps. Keep in mind that I am not light and I like to go fast ;-)
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Thanks S1AM,

You are right...I'm on this years Got. I am 6' 3" 185 lbs...fairly athletic (36 yrs old). I definitely like to go fast as well and really appreciate a ski that slays crud. I like to stay right on top of ski as well (some of the mogul instruction I've received)...so as long as I'm heavy enough to flex it...I can definitely tip it on edge easily. This ski definitely sounds intiriguing for sure...must get a ride on this.

Thanks for the note if that was you....appreciate you thinking of me.


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