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I'm thinking about a pair of Endorphins, I have Beasts now, I know I am going to sacrifice some stiffness and performance? the question is how much?
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I sell many Endorphins to high level aggressive all-mountain skiers and they work well. They almost certainly ski better than you think, especially if you are thinking of them as a mushy touring boot. they are plenty stiff laterally and stiff enough forward in my opinion.

They are warmer and easier to get in and out of than what you have now. If you are a western skier I would say it is a no brainer.
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Thanks Lou, I've been to your store, nice place. Thats what I needed to know. I suppose you have some killer spring deals.
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We have some deals, but only a few Endorphins left. If you are really interested you should head on in.

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